Share a Smile Sundays


Image via Pinterest

I was thinking today about how to develop my blog and what kind of things I want to post about here. Fashion and beauty have always been huge interests of mine but, in reality, there’s more to life than the newest lipstick – although it is one of the greatest things in life ;). Being positive, inspired and motivated are some of the most important things to me, and every day I look for other ways to make each day better, for myself and my friends and my family. ‘Fashion, beauty, positivity’ is my tagline after all!

Being happy is one of the hardest, but most important, things to be. Opening a new box of shoes may make my heart skip a beat and feel like I’m on Cloud Nine, but that kind of happiness is only temporary, and most of the time finding true happiness isn’t that easy. 

I can recite inspirational quotes from the top of my head and, in my opinion, there’s a quote for every occasion. There’s even a folder on my phone of inspirational photos (210 and counting – oops!) While under no circumstance am I any kind of professional, I thought I might share with you the little things that I do that really help to lift my mood on a bad day, the things I’ve heard or read that made me smile, or anything along those lines.

If even one person reads these posts and their mood is lifted, my is mission complete. Because, at the end of the day, happiness is a journey and we are in this together.

So starting tomorrow, Share a Smile Sundays will begin on my blog, so please come and visit, drink a cuppa tea and eat a biscuit (or three) while reading – it really is the little things in life 😉