Beauty From Within


Thanks to busy lifestyles and always being on the go, sometimes we don’t always get our required nutrients or vitamins. Even if we eat well, it isn’t always easy to get all of the vitamins and nutrients we need. So, in the past few months I’ve started taking some health tablets in the mornings and I’ve seen and felt the world of difference. Taking these has worked really well for me, and I’d recommend taking vitamins to anyone who has a busy lifestyle. All of these mightn’t be suited to you, so make sure you do some research before taking them to make sure you’re getting the best ones suited to your diet and lifestyle!

SpaTone Iron Supplement

I started donating blood as soon as I turned 18, but the most recent time I went to donate I discovered that my iron levels had dropped. It made sense as I had been feeling really tired the past few weeks. I was recommended SpaTone to increase my iron levels, and it’s the first thing I take every morning mixed into a glass of orange juice. Iron is essential for carrying oxygen around the body, and therefore affects your energy levels. Since I’ve started taking them I’ve been feeling less tired, so I’m happy to say that they’ve worked for me.

Effervescent Vitamin C Tablets

I’ve been taking these tablets in a glass of water every morning for the past few years, so they’ve become a part of my morning routine! I take them as a source of Vitamin C, and I use the drink to swallow my other vitamins. Win win, right?

Source of Life GOLD Tablets

As I said, I’d been feeling really tired in the past few months so I was recommend these tablets before I found out that my iron levels were low. These tablets are a ‘guaranteed burst of energy’  as they’re a multivitamin. They’re vegetarian and gluten free, so there’s nothing nasty in them. I’ve really felt the difference in my energy levels since taking these, and would recommend them as a general multi vitamin to anyone.

Omega 3 Tablets

Omega 3 helps maintain a healthy heart, and has been found to fight depression. Seeming as I don’t eat a lot of fish I take these vitamins to make sure I get enough Omega 3 in my diet.

Biotin Tablets

Biotin helps to strengthen hair and nails, so I take these to make sure I’m helping the appearance of my hair and nails from the inside! These tablets have helped my hair to grow and improve its condition, which I’m delighted with.

Make sure you check with your GP or do research before trying any vitamin. These have worked well for me, but everyone is different. I’m no health specialist, so these are just recommendations if you’re looking into trying some health tablets.

Happy weekend everyone! <3

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  1. sathish306
    29/03/2014 / 11:14 pm

    Those are all great supplements. Your body can function for a 100 years if you get enough nutrients in your diet. Eat clean, organic, whole foods that your body evolved to digest. Personally, I take Beyond Tangy Tangerine. It is a multivitamin powder with several superfoods. There more information on it here

    • 01/04/2014 / 4:47 pm

      That’s so interesting! I’ll definitely check that vitamin out, thanks for the advice 🙂