If I Had To Choose One…


While reorganising my makeup a few nights ago, after finding long forgotten products I thought to myself, “If I could only have one of each product, which would I choose?” My makeup collection is by no means large compared to a lot of bloggers, and although I’ve collected a fair few pieces over the years I still can’t resist picking up a new lipstick/mascara/foundation when I go to Boots, even though I have more than enough at home.

So, if worst came to worst and for some strange reason I had to choose to keep only one of each makeup product, these are the ones I’d choose…

Foundation \ NARS Sheer Glow – My most recent foundation purchase quickly became a firm favourite. Just enough coverage for during the day without looking too cakey, yet still enough coverage for a night out = perfection. I love the light formula of this foundation and the dewy-but-not-shiny effect it gives, which made it my number one choice if I had to pick one foundation that would be suitable for day and night. Sorry MAC…

Concealer \ NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – Choosing a concealer was pretty easy – this NARS beauty covers under-eye circles, blemishes and redness with ease.

Blush \ NYX Stick Blush in Pink Lotus – I’ve raved about this blush before – it’s creamy, pigmented and gives a gorgeous pink tint to the cheeks. You can also control how strong you’d like the colour to be by building up the product.

Bronzer \ Benefit Hoola – If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you might notice that I’ve never mentioned this bronzer before. I found it while completing the very difficult task of organising my makeup and immediately wondered why it hasn’t always been my first choice for bronzer. It’s the perfect shade for both tanned and pale skin, with no orange-ness to be seen. It’s great for contouring or just giving your skin a bit of a glow – I can’t wait to use this throughout the summer!

Highlighter \ MAC Mineralise SkinFinish in Soft and Gentle – There’s a reason this stuff is raved about in the beauty world. It gives the most gorgeous sheen to the skin that could trick anyone into thinking that you’re cousins with Edward Cullen (in a good way). You can apply as much or as little as you like, so the amount of highlight you create is in your hands, but a little goes a very long way with this stuff, so tread carefully unless you want to look like Edward Cullen himself.

Powder \ MAC Mineralise SkinFinish in Light – Once again, the decision was pretty easy with this one. My favourite powder since I picked it up nearly a year ago, this product keeps shine at bay without looking 2D or like you’ve dipped your face in talcum powder.

Eyeshadow \ MAC Woodwinked – The ultimate ‘one sweep’ shade. One brush of this over your lid leaves a shimmery brown colour, while worked into your crease it gives a more matte, orange colour, making it perfect for during the day and nights out.

Liner \ L’Oreal Superslim Liquid Liner – Cat-eye novices rejoice, this liner makes doing a flick a total breeze. The thin, pointed nib gives you control over how thick/thin you’d like your line to be, while you don’t have to worry about not blinking after applying as the product dries in almost instantly.

Mascara \ L’Oreal Telescopic Waterproof  – This mascara gives you lashes you didn’t even know you had. It grabs onto every lash and pulls it upwards and outwards, giving them volume and length. The formula lasts all day long and doesn’t smudge on bottom lashes either.

Eyebrows \ I still haven’t found my perfect brow product yet, but I’ll report back as soon as I do.

Lipstick \ MAC Hue – A nude pink that gives the ‘your lips but better’ effect is Hue, perfect for any and every occasion.

Lipgloss \ Revlon Peony – Peony looks great on its own and over lipsticks thanks to its pink colour and tiny gold particles. It’s non-sticky and in no way gloopy, so let your fears of hair-in-mouth situations be gone.

What products would you choose if you could only have one of each? 

*Worrying is like a rocking chair – it gives you something to do but gets you no where*






  1. 27/03/2014 / 6:52 pm

    This is an interesting thing to think about! I haven’t heard of MAC SkinFinish but I will check it out. I like how your favorites are balanced w/ luxury and drugstore brands.

    • 27/03/2014 / 11:04 pm

      You should definitely give it a try, it’s a great product! They do light and dark colours, as well as highlights so you can use them for anything! Thanks, I try to balance it out! <3 xx