Bin Or Buy #1


I know empties posts are on everyone-and-their-granny’s blogs, but they’re one of my favourite to read and I love seeing the products people have used up. It takes a lot for me to repurchase the exact same product as there are so many options on the market, so I thought I’d start a Bin Or Buy series to share my thoughts on the products I’ve used up and whether I’d buy them again. Plus, seeing that I’ve fully used products makes me feel less guilty about buying some new ones – which is always good.

Crest 3D White toothpaste – BIN

Sorry to start it off on a negative note, but I really wasn’t impressed with this toothpaste. I had high expectations but didn’t notice any difference in the colour of my teeth. Although my teeth are relatively white to start with, I saw no improvement at all. Plus, the tube emptied out really quickly, which I’m confused about as I used no more toothpaste than usual! I wouldn’t repurchase it, and know that there are better products available.

Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo x3 – BUY

If you can’t tell already, I totally love this dry shampoo. I go through it so quickly as I use it to give volume, texture and to make my hair feel fresh.

Savlon – BUY

I’ve spoken about my love for this antiseptic cream before to heal and treat spots. I’ve repurchased this many times, and will keeping doing so as it helps my skin like no other product.

Kerastase Bain Satin shampoo for dry, sensitised hair – BUY

Kerastase are my favourite high-end hair brand, and I’m always happy with their products. This shampoo lasted ages as I just used it once a week as a treat, but even then I could see the difference in my hair. It was softer and visibly less damaged. I’d repurchase this product, but wouldn’t mind trying a new one just to mix things up.

Nivea Rich Moisturising Day Cream – BUY

I love this moisturiser as it’s light but still hydrates the skin without feeling sticky or leaving a residue. It’s handy to throw on on no makeup days, and is pretty affordable. Again, I’d repurchase this product but would probably buy a new moisturiser just to try it out.

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan – BUY

I will and have repurchased this tan. It gives a gorgeous glow in just one hour, isn’t sticky and doesn’t leave a ‘fake tan’ smell.

Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover – BUY

I just wrote a whole post on this yesterday, so needless to say I’d definitely buy this again.

Soap & Glory Heel Genius – BIN

 I liked this product, but wasn’t totally impressed. Results were best when I used this every single night, and it wasn’t hydrating enough to just use once. I’d probably look for something more intense instead of repurchasing this, but I must say I loved the cooling effect it gave.

L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil – BUY

This one bottle lasted me over a year and a half, and I used it every single second day. It almost goes without saying that I’ve repurchased this, and that I know it was worth every penny.

I hope you enjoyed this new series, let me know what you think in the comments. I know that most products were BUY, but hey, at least I know I didn’t waste my money on loads of bad things!


  1. 18/04/2014 / 1:27 pm

    I agree on the heel genius. I love the sensation, but the bottle says use ‘whenever you remember’, but I got no results unless I used it daily. Shame, as I normally love s and g products. I love empties posts too, they’re such a great read! 🙂

    • 26/04/2014 / 11:22 pm

      that’s the problem exactly! x