Cocoa Brown BBlogger of the Week!


My Friday got a whole lot better when I found out that I was chosen as Cocoa Brown Tan’s BBlogger of the week!

Cocoa Brown is my favourite tan on the market – it’s affordable and gives a gorgeous glow! Thanks to the lack of sun in Ireland, fake tan is the only way that I’ll get a colour, and Cocoa Brown is the only tan I use.

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan is only €7.99 and gives results in, you guessed it, one hour! The one thing I hate about fake tan is waiting hours for it to develop, but this isn’t the case with Cocoa Brown. 60 minutes after applying you have a gorgeous tan! And if you leave it on for up to three hours, the colour gets darker! It’s a mousse so it’s really easy to apply and doesn’t leave the tell tale ‘fake tan’ smell.

Cocoa Brown have just released some new products, which I can’t wait to try! I’ve a feeling already that I’m going to love them.

Cocoa Brown Tan is available in Penneys and chemists around Ireland. Search Cocoa Brown Tan to find your nearest stockist or online stockist.

This post wasn’t sponsored by the way, I was just really happy to be chosen as BBlogger of the week!

Happy Friday everyone 🙂

*There’s always rain before the rainbow