The Spring Beauty Kit (+ 15 things!)


Spring is well upon us, and that calls for The Spring Beauty Kit! Spring means bright, fresh and tanned to me – if you can’t tell already from the picture! Just as winter calls for specific beauty products, so does spring. These are the products I’ll be using all spring, and more than likely through to summer as well! 

Pastel nail polishes, like this pale lemon one from Angelica, (available in Penneys) absolutely scream summer. Plus, they look great with a tan! Speaking of tan, Cocoa Brown 1 Hr Tan and Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning will be my go-to products for getting a bronze glow. There’s no chance of me getting one naturally, so I’ll even have to bring these products with me on holiday. Clarins’ is great for hands and the face as it isn’t too dark, while Cocoa Brown is great for the rest of the body. Moisturiser is essential in having bright, healthy looking skin, and I love E45 as it’s hypoallergenic and is really moisturising. Exfoliation is also key in having radiant, spring-like skin, so I’ll be making sure to exfoliate once/twice a week to slough away dead skin cells and keep skin looking soft. See by Chloe is a gorgeous spring fragrance, it literally smells like spring in a bottle. Every time I wear it I get compliments on it, so I can’t see it changing anytime soon!

They’re the basics of my spring beauty kit, what are yours?

I forgot to list 5 good things about my day on the blog for the past two days (sorry!) so I’m going to post three days worth today. If you read my most recent SASS post you’ll know what I’m talking about! 


1. I had the day off work so I got loads of college work done

2. I went for a run with my boyfriend and didn’t feel like I was going to collapse after

3. A Topshop order I made a week ago came

4. I drove to the local supermarket and back and only cut out once (I’m learning to drive)! 

5. The weather is really picking up here in Dublin, even seeing the sun lasting until 8 puts me in a good mood!


6. I saw The Other Woman with my best friend, and totally loved it!

7. It was a spontaneous trip – they’re definitely the best!

8. We accidentally fell into Boots before the movie started and made the most of their current 3for2 deal

9. My dad brought me a chicken fillet roll cause I was starving after college and it was delicious!

10. I caught up on my favourite YouTubers with tea – perfection!


11. This was my last 9-6 Thursday in college for the semester

12. My friends and I got tickets for the summer ball in college

13. I finally tried a salad in college and really liked it (surprisingly)

14. I went to the gym even though I really didn’t want to, and afterwards felt way better

15. My boyfriend is currently making me a cup of tea – it’s the little things!


  1. 28/04/2014 / 1:07 am

    I want to see that movie so bad!!! Now even more lol