Five Photo Week #9

Another week, another five photos to summarise my past seven days! I’m genuinely considering renaming this series ‘Five Photo Food Week’ as that seems to be all I photograph, but usually it’s only when I sit down to eat that I get to relax and think that whatever meal I’m eating deserves to be in the post. I do other things than just eating food, I swear…


I had a delicious lunch with my friend Jen in a place called KC Peaches late last week. The food was gorgeous and the place itself was so nice that I had to stop myself from Instagramming every detail.


This week the sun came out in Dublin. I was lucky enough to have coincidentally gotten the three best days weather-wise off work, and instead of going to town to pick up some clothes for my holiday like I had planned, I spent the days in the back garden and in the park soaking up the sun.


Another gorgeous day relaxing in the park and eating lunch with the boy. I may or may not have gotten sunburned…


Yep, breakfast out the back garden in the sun. I joined the gym last week and have been really enjoying going to classes and doing something new, so I’m trying to make my hard work pay off by opting for healthier choices (by that I mean anything that isn’t coated in chocolate. Or sugar). These banana and egg pancakes are divine – I literally can’t stop making them. Post to come!


Another post of the good weather. Apologies for the overload, but I just had to take a picture as proof to show that I wore a dress and sandals in Ireland. I live in jeans and Converse, so this was a pretty big deal. Totally not supporting what I said above, I had an obligatory Calippo. But hey, it’s better than the frozen Snickers bar I wanted, right?

I hope that everyone had a great week! The countdown is on to my holidays – 12 days – so expect lots of travel themed posts over the next few weeks!