The Ultimate Spot Solution – Dream Dots


The fact that I struggle with breakouts on my skin is no secret. I’ve written numerous posts about my skincare routine, my skincare saviours and products that have helped to improve my skin. Then along come Dream Dots, and every spot treatment I’ve tried before gets pushed right to the back of the cupboard.

I was lucky enough to be sent Dream Dots For Spots by the lovely Donna a couple of weeks ago, and I was totally over the moon as they were on my list of things to buy after seeing SoSueMe and Rosanna Davidson rave about them.

The concept of Dream Dots is genius – they are invisible circular patches that you apply to your spot and leave overnight. They treat the blemish overnight, and it’s very hard to tell that they are on the skin. If I had a particularly bad spot and wanted to treat it quickly, I’d have no problem at all wearing a Dream Dot during the day.


(Please excuse my grubby nail, I need to book a manicure ASAP)

The product itself is really easy to apply, you simply peel off half of the sticker, as shown above, and place it on the spot before removing the other half. That way, no bacteria gets onto the spot. I used Dream Dots every time I got a blemish over the past few weeks, and even just after using them once I could see a huge improvement in the size, redness and condition of the spot (lovely, I know).

They stay on all night long and don’t peel off, and remove with ease without pulling the skin the next morning. Twenty-four dots come in each pack, so no matter how many breakouts you have the box will last you quite a long time.

If you’re like me and struggle with breakouts, I’d 100% recommend picking Dream Dots up. I’ve never tried anything like them before but am so impressed with the immediate results they give,   for such an affordable price.

Check out the Dream Dots website for more information and where to buy them.