11 Things To Tell Yourself Everyday


If you’re anything at all like me, you’ll spend your days complimenting your friends and family, and even strangers, but would rather eat a pan of stale bread than say something good about yourself. I’m in no way my biggest fan – if I was to hear my best friend talking about herself the way I talk about myself I’d think she was crazy.

The only person who will be  in your life from the moment you are born until the moment you die is yourself. You’re the only one who will be there through every single second of your life, and you are the only person you will ever be. Sounds crazy but it’s true. So we might as well learn to love ourselves and be happy about the person we are. I always try to think ‘what would I say if I was talking to my best friend?’ You wouldn’t tell her she’s ugly, or stupid, or no one likes her, would you? If you would, clearly you’re not a very good friend. Anyway, here’s a list of 11 things that you should remind yourself everyday – because you’re amazing and you deserve to feel it.

  1. You are strong and can make it through anything that comes your way.
  2. You are perfect the way you are. Every flaw makes you who you are and they are part of your identity.
  3. You are smart.
  4. You are confident.
  5. You deserve the best life and to be surrounded by amazing people.
  6. You try your best at everything, even though it doesn’t work out sometimes.
  7. You deserve to be happy.
  8. You are worthy of being treated with respect and deserve to be loved.
  9. You can achieve anything you set your mind to.
  10. You are a good person.
  11. Your thoughts and ideas are worthy of being heard.

This post might sound a bit crazy, but I hope that it helps someone who needs to hear it. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Telling yourself these things every morning can make the hugest difference to your day/life/attitude. Although even writing them and trying to think about myself makes me wince, we’ve no choice but to support ourselves because at the end of the day, we are the number one person in our lives.