A Christmassy Weekend In London ❅

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On Friday morning I boarded a flight to London with my boyfriend, my best friend Jen and her boyfriend. Excited was an understatement. We spent four days there and came back last night and I can honestly say that I’m already mentally planning my next trip over there!

I’d been to London years ago, but this was the first time I got to fully experience it. Jen and I had made a long list of everything we wanted to do and everywhere we wanted to see, and I must say that we did a pretty good job at squeezing it all in! Our friend Gavin lives in London so he was amazing at showing us around and making sure we made the most of the trip.

We stayed in Blakemore Hyde Park Hotel, beside Hyde Park, and I’d really recommend it. The staff were lovely and very accommodating, the rooms were gorgeous and it had a really good location. It was central without being smack bang in the middle of everything.

We did some major shopping over there, hitting Topshop and Selfridges on Oxford Street of course! There’ll be a haul tomorrow of everything I bought. I’d saved for so long so it was great to finally be able to shop! We ate in loads of different restaurants over the four days; The Diner, Chiquito, Pizza Express, Maxwell’s and Wetherspoon’s were the best. Calories don’t count on holiday, okay?!

On Sunday we went to Spittafield’s market, and that was definitely one of my highlights of the holiday. I genuinely ate the best brownie in the world while I was there, I wish I bought some to bring home haha! We did some sightseeing too; Big Ben, the London eye, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace being some. It was great to see everything in real life. We visited Madame Toussaud’s on Monday, although it was a bit expensive (£30 for a ticket) it was definitely worth it.

We visited Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, which was another highlight. In fact, the whole experience was a highlight! If you’re visiting London over Christmas I’d definitely recommend going – there are loads of stalls, rides, bands and an amazing Christmassy vibe!

Although my bank balance is in tatters after the weekend, the experience I had was invaluable! Cheesy I know, but it was such an amazing few days with really amazing people!

Keep an eye out for my haul post which will be up tomorrow!

*Shoutout to Jen for being the most amazing selfie and photograph-taker of the holiday!*



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  1. Tanya
    11/12/2014 / 3:00 am

    This is lovely! I want to go to London for Christmas!