Here’s To 2015

IMG_0071 IMG_0072

As I sit here struggling to type after applying false nails for tonight, I can’t help but be super excited for 2015. Seeming as I’ve been stuck in a time warp since 2011, I think 2015 will be the year that it all changes. My friend Vicky said it all when she said to me, ‘Usually the start of a new year sounds weird, but 2015 sounds so right’, and I couldn’t agree more.

The two quotes in the pictures above are what I’m carrying with me into the new year – doing more of what I love (blogging) and leaving everything behind me that’s negative or holding me back as soon as the clock strikes midnight tonight.

January can be a pretty blue month for a lot of people, I know it is for me, so every day next week I’ll have a post on positivity up on these parts to hopefully lighten your spirits and make you smile.

So, here’s to another year! I’m so ready for 2015 and everything exciting it has to bring – who’s with me?!