One Powder Brush Conquers All

IMG_0186 IMG_0180

I don’t know about you, but powder is an absolute essential in my makeup routine. I don’t have oily skin, but powder just seals everything in place and sets it for the day. But what’s a good powder without a good brush?

I picked up the Real Techniques Powder Brush a while ago after hearing about how amazing it is one too many times. I love Real Techniques and I love powder, so my expectations were high. And oh my God did this brush surpass them.

The hairs are incredibly soft, and the brush itself is h.u.g.e. There’s nothing worse than a prickly brush stabbing you in the eye when you’re applying powder (I’m looking at you MAC 150) but the hairs on this couldn’t be softer. They’re really densely packed, making application a breeze. The size of the brush (look at it in comparison to the size of MAC Mineralise Skin Finish above) means you just need a few sweeps to cover your entire face, or just your T-zone if you prefer.

This is one brush that I know won’t ever need replacing in my ever-growing brush collection. Real Techniques are taking over every brush I have in my stash and because of the amazing quality and price, they’re one brand I can justify repurchasing again and again.