#Positivuary – The Domino Effect


No, not Domino’s pizza *drools*, the other kind of dominoes. When you hit one piece and it knocks the rest of them, all falling one after another – that’s the domino effect. And that’s how I feel about positivity.

If you choose to be positive, it will affect every aspect of your life. Your work, your relationships, your health, your fitness – everything. It all starts with how you think . If you want to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle, it will be very hard to achieve that if you don’t have a positive attitude. If you’ve a positive attitude, you’re more likely to carry it out, and to begin again if it doesn’t go to plan. A healthier lifestyle will result in more energy, which will allow you to do things you might not have had the energy to do before. It will make you feel more confident, therefore improving your relationships. If you feel more confident, you’ll try more new things. It all comes one after another.

So whether your new years resolution this year is to get fit, start a course or find a new job – begin with a positive mind. It’s the most important step you can take, and I promise it will make your resolutions a lot easier. Once you’ve got a positive mind, I believe, everything else will fall into place.

Image via Pintrest