#Positivuary – The Get Up & Go Diary


First of all, I’ve to say thank you to my fab friend Emma for introducing me to this diary. She showed me her purchase after work a few days ago, and straight away it went onto my need list. How did I not have one of these before?! It is literally me in a book.

Okay – now I’ll tell you about it. The Get Up And Go Diary is basically your personal motivator, organiser and inspirer. Every month begins with a page where you list your goals for the month, there are quotes and inspirational stories throughout, and there’s a mini-goal set for each day. Could it be any more perfect?!

I think this is the perfect way to round off my week of positive posts – it shows that being positive can be achieved with just a little bit of motivation each day. I’m so excited to use this as my diary separate from to-do lists and work hours. I’m going to use it solely for enjoyment and to help and encourage me on my journey to happiness.

What’s even better is it’s only €10 from Easons, which I think is a really affordable price to pay. I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about it on these parts, so keep an eye out!

Please let me know in the comments your thoughts about #Positivuary and if you’d like to see more positivity-themed posts in the future!