My Makeup Table Tour

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After spending Saturday morning cleaning my dressing table, I thought I’d take advantage of it being really organised and tidy and snap a few photos to share here. My setup isn’t exactly how I’d like it to be (I’ve to keep the other 50% of my makeup in storage on my shelves and in boxes) but I’m pretty happy with it for the minute.

To the left I’ve my makeup brushes stored in flower pots that I picked up in Evolution (which is gone now </3) in the GPO Arcade. I keep all of my everyday brushes in the front one, consisting mostly of Real Techniques, and all of the others further to the back, which makes it pretty easy to find what I’m looking for.

My No7 mirror from Boots is so, so handy as it lights up and has a zoom mirror on the other side. They always have them on special offer for half price, so if you’re thinking of picking one up wait until they go on offer as they’re pretty expensive full price.

Next are my Muji drawers which I picked up in London. Muji is so much more expensive here in Dublin, I got these for around £10 and I think they’re about €22 here! Home Store & More and Amazon sell really similar models, so have a look there if you’re interested. I got my lipstick holders in Home Store & More and keep all of my most used lip products here. I keep all of my most-used makeup products in these drawers so they’re easy to access, and keep everything else in a less visually-appealing box!

On top of the drawers I’ve my bulkier base products, foundations, primers, my current nail varnish, Hoola bronzer, Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade and my beloved Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette.

In the top drawer I’ve blushers, bronzers, powders, a highlighter, a primer and some concealers. In the bottom drawer I’ve my most-used eyeshadows, mascaras, an eyebrow pencil, lip liners and MAC Soft and Gentle which doesn’t fit anywhere else.

My dresser has a pull out drawer where I keep everything else that I use regularly. I’ve my Naked palettes, a few MAC palettes underneath, my Crownbrush cream contour palette, other bronzers/blushes/highlighters, some w7 and Makeup Revolution products that I’m trying out, and God knows what else! I keep everything I can fit in here that’s just too nice to demote to the less-used box.

To the right I’ve my new skincare additions – Pestle & Mortar Hyaluronic Acid, Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer and Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial. I keep my Charlotte Tilbury makeup bag to the side because I love how pretty it looks, and it reminds me to use it!

I’ve two handheld mirrors which I never use but look really pretty, and my Charlotte Tilbury eyelash curlers floating around on the desk.

If you were to see this desk after I’ve gotten ready for a night out, you’d think I’d been ransacked!

That’s my current makeup storage, and while I’ve a trip to Ikea planned in the near future, this is how it is for now!

Let me know your thoughts/ questions in the comments below!