Primer Perfection

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Until a few months ago, primer was never part of my makeup routine. It was an unnecessary step, and I really didn’t believe in the benefits of it. Then I tried Kiehl’s Micro Blur Skin Perfector, and Benefit Porefessional and I was converted into a primer-loving obsessive.

I picked up the Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer on a payday spree a few weeks ago, and knew straight away it would be a favourite. My skin can be quite dry at times, so the hydrating properties of this are greatly welcomed into my routine. The formula is super light and disappears into the skin. The product itself is white but it blends into the skin and leaves no trace of it behind, which I love. I like applying a primer as it’s a layer between foundation and my skin, meaning my skin is prepped and protected for whatever I slap on top of it. I never really have trouble with my foundation sliding off or fading throughout the day, and I think that’s all down to a good primer.

As the Laura Mercier Primer leaves no residue on the skin, it doesn’t really even the skin’s surface or smooth out bumps. It hydrates and prepares the skin, but isn’t really a “corrector”. So, to smooth out uneven bumps on my skin I apply Maybelline Babyskin Instant Pore Eraser on top of this. I wouldn’t apply it all over my face is it is quite heavy, so I just pop it on my nose and on the patches that need it.

BAM – the perfect priming duo. As a result of these two products my skin is hydrated, smoothed and ready for foundation. If you don’t use a primer, I’d really recommend picking one up and giving it a try, it could be just what your makeup routine needs!