What I’ve Been Loving // March

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I feel like I say this every month but I really did have to double check when I was writing the title of this post. March is over already?! How?! It’s crazy to think that when I’ll be writing my April favourites, my second year of college will be just finished and summer will be well and truly on its way. Although, I’m not complaining – my summer holiday can’t come quick enough!

I fell back in love with Dream Dots for Spots after picking up a few packets of them at the Irish Beauty Show. They’re amazing for healing and treating spots, and stop the urge to pick at them too. The clear circular stickers are nearly invisible, so much so that I’ve headed out of the house with them on on a few occasions this month!

I also picked up Wow Brown Tan at the Irish Beauty Show, which I’ve been using ever since. The colour comes out really dark, so it’s impossible to miss any patches when you’re applying it. It also smells really nice and dries super quickly. It’s the only tan that I’d be happy to apply in the morning and get dressed and go about my day while it develops. A fair bit of the colour comes off in the shower, leaving a nice glow. I got the shade medium-dark and after you wash it off, it’s not that dark at all. But two or three nights of applying it would give a deeper colour, if that’s what you’re looking for. I’ve applied it straight before going on a night out and let it sink in while I’m doing my makeup, so the colour is dark for the night and then washed it off the next morning. I can see myself using this right throughout the summer, as there’s no chance of me getting a tan from the sun!

Isa Dora is a brand that I’ve never really tried before, so I was really excited to receive a very generous package from the company. The first thing I tried was the Nude Sensation Fluid Foundation, and straight away I was so impressed.  The shade Nude Porcelain matches my skin perfectly, but also adds a nice bit of colour to my very pale face. The dropper applicator makes it really easy to control the amount of foundation you’d like to apply, and the formula itself is really natural-looking and long-lasting.

Although winter is officially over, my chapped lips have hung around right into spring. I’ve been lathering them up with Balmi Lip Balms all month, which smell really nice and are really moisturising and creamy. It sounds horrible, but if you buy a cheap toothbrush and use it to lightly scrub your lips, it gets rid of all the dry skin. Apply loads of lip balm after and your lips will be smooth, soft and plump.

I’ve gotten really into jewelry this month, and have been piling on charm bracelets and rings. My favourite bracelets are from Alex and Ani, and my rings are a mix from Penneys, ASOS and H&M.

I may have only picked these up last week, but my caged heels from Office went straight to the top of my list of favourites. I wore them for the first time a few nights ago and I didn’t get any cuts or blisters, and they didn’t hurt at all. The only thing I got from them was a hella load of compliments! I’ll have a full post up featuring them soon, where you’ll be able to see their beauty better!

And finally – Mini Eggs. It’s nearly Easter and they’re everywhere. Need I say more?

Let me know your monthly favourites in the comments below!