The Friday Five – Flowers, Food & Friends!

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Well, well, well – what a week it has been! Things have been pretty quiet around these parts over the past seven days but on the outside of WhatSheDoesNow, everything has been super busy! Let me fill you in with The Friday Five:

1. My amazing friend Emma hosted a brunch for myself and my bestie Jen this morning (see the first picture) and it was literally out of this world. I was so close to going home to get my blog camera and taking proper pictures! She made delicious spinach pancakes (yep, spinach!) and had all of the trimmings. It was so good to catch up and it was one of those “I’m so grateful to have these people in my life” moments.

2. I picked up a gorgeous bunch of peonies on Grafton Street on Tuesday and they have been one of my highlights of the week. They are so beautiful and I can’t stop taking photos of them! Plus, they smell so nice and the scent fills the room. One for every room, please.

3. Last night was the first ever Irish Beauty Blog Awards and I’m still in shock to say that I was nominated for Best Content, along with the biggest bloggers in Ireland. It was an amazing night in aid of Breast Cancer Ireland and was the biggest achievement of my blog to date! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me and allowed me to come this far, it’s incredible! The dress I wore was from Oh My Love on ASOS (picture 3) and I loved it.

4. After a long six months, on Tuesday it was finally time for me to get a fresh set of extensions in. I’ve had Great Lengths three times, and while I loved them I thought I’d go for a change and try Gold Fever. The lovely Valerie in Cowboys and Angels applied them for me and did my colour and I’m so so happy with it.

5. Myself and my friend Jen have gotten into full summer body mode with our holiday less than two months away (eek!) and we’ve been going to the gym together and making a conscious effort to eat healthier. Staying motivated is so much easier when you’ve someone to go to the gym with! We went to Chopped in Fairview after one gym session, and I was so impressed. I got a delicious healthy(ish) brownie and smoothie, and Jen had a gorgeous salad and kale chips. We also went a bit mad in the supplement shop in the gym and are slowly making our way through all of the Quest bar flavours.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments below! Here’s to hoping next week is as good as this one!