Finally – The Benefit Roller Lash Post

Benefit Roller Lash Benefit Roller Lash

At last – I’m finally sitting down to write about Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. The blogosphere was full of reviews of this product when it first came out, and while I loved it, I took my time to finally have my say on it.

First of all, I got my hands on this when a sample size came free with Elle magazine. Now that’s a good freebie if I’ve ever seen one. Amazed by how good a sample sized product was, just a few weeks ago I got the full sized version for my birthday (thanks Jen!)

If you watch my YouTube videos, you’ll know that I am totally obsessed with this mascara. The plastic, bristly wand is something that I used to fear (thanks, They’re Real) but now I’m hooked. The wand grabs every single lash and lifts it upwards. My eyelashes stick straight out, so I always use a lash curler beforehand, but the combination of this mascara and a lash curler results in full, curly, volumised lashes.

Just one coat does the trick, but for the full effect (literally) I always go for two. Like most mascaras, the formula gets better over time but it’s still a great mascara from the get-go. It doesn’t crumble or flake off during the day, and comes off easily with micellar water.

The formula isn’t waterproof, but I’ve put it to the test of wearing it straight from work to the gym and it lasted all day. Too much on your bottom lashes means it’ll rub and smudge easily, but if you use a tiny amount you should be okay.

If you’re considering picking Roller Lash up, I 100% recommend it. It’s worth every bit of hype that’s been created around it and it’s made a very firm place for itself in my makeup bag.

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