You, Yes, You! Take The Plunge!


By Maddie Warrow

Our late teens and our twenties are perhaps the scariest times of our lives. Even if we think we have it all sussed out, there’s really no knowing how we can really be sure. Do we REALLY want to study this, and do we REALLY want to get a job in THAT for the rest of our adult lives?! It’s no wonder half of us suffer from stuff like anxiety and the rest of us just flap about acting like we’re clued up (spoiler alert: we’re not exactly!). So how do we break the monotony? How do we ensure that our lives aren’t fleeting and vapid and kind of… wasted? We take the plunge, and we do it both with confidence and style.

This means something different to different people. We all have different comfort zones, after all. Some of us are indeed perfectly content in our lives, but we’re just wondering if there’s that little something missing. However, we can all be adventurous. We can all do something that scares us!

Sometimes we need a break. To travel, see the world and – that old cliché – we need to ‘find ourselves’, whatever that means. Whether you go off on a trek around Asia, explore the outback of Australia or even go off on a wild one in Vegas to forget everything, there are so many options out there! Sure, money hardly grows on trees, but whilst we’re on the subject of Vegas, some good old practice at the likes of Casinos Online can’t go amiss, and who knows? Perhaps you’ll even win some pennies to spend on your epic adventure! If all else fails, maybe start that business you’ve always wanted so that you can save up for a getaway – what’s the worst that could happen?!

A lot of the time when we’re young, we’re so scared of failing that we put up with rubbish situations. Whether it’s dealing with a partner who treats us terribly, putting up with the world’s worst boss, or even just letting others walk all over us, we’re so scared of being alone or messing up that we don’t take a step back to see that we could easily change our own lives, if only we had a little faith! Sometimes making those big changes like starting afresh can be the best thing in the world for us (even when they are frankly terrifying!).

If this all sounds a little too much like risk taking, there are loads of other options. Your big steps into a new you could be as simple as being more daring with your fashion choices or finally trying that black lipstick you’ve always admired from afar (eek!).

Whatever you do, sometimes what we as young women need to remember is that from time to time, it’s okay to be selfish. To make choices just for us. Whether we have ties and responsibilities or not, we still exist as our own person, and it’s time to take that girl back and look out for number one!

Do you have any crazy dreams you wish you could make come true?