Tan Eraser – The Tan Addict’s Dream

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Considering that I put a post up nearly every week about some form of fake tan, I was more than happy to try out Tan Eraser*.

I use tan nearly every week, so I know too well how important it is to exfoliate and scrub to get rid of old tan. I’ve talked before about my tanning routine, where I explained that I like to exfoliate 24 hours before I apply tan to make sure I’ve a smooth canvas for my next application.

I’ve quite sensitive skin that gets irritated and itchy quite easily, so usually I dread this part of my routine. That’s until I started using Tan Eraser. Unlike scrub gloves, using it doesn’t irritate my skin whatsoever.

Here’s how it works:

1. Shower as normal, rinsing away any body wash thoroughly.

2. Wet the Tan Eraser and squeeze out any excess water.

3. Step out from under the shower hose and rub the skin with the Tan Eraser.

4. Rub until all of your tan is gone, rinse under water and you’re done!

There are two sides to the Tan Eraser, as pictured above. The pink side is for gentle exfoliation and the black side is for more intense exfoliation. I start with using the pink side and then swap to the black for any stubborn bits that won’t come off.

Usually when I’m scrubbing off tan I can see the old product running down the drain, but with the Tan Eraser it actually lifts the tan off your skin. It comes off in rolls, like little rubbings from a rubber!

I had quite a bit of tan on from last weekend, so yesterday I put the Tan Eraser to the ultimate test. Within five minutes of scrubbing, 95% of my old tan had come off. There were some stubborn patches that wouldn’t budge, so last night I moisturised them, then used the Tan Eraser today and my tan was 100% gone.

For someone who uses tan all the time, this is an absolute dream! I don’t have to worry about exfoliating for three days before I plan to put on a fresh layer of tan, because this takes practically all of it off in one go! If I had moisturised my skin like you’re supposed to when wearing tan, it all would have came off the first time.

If you’re a tan addict like me, the Tan Eraser is just what you’re looking for! You won’t have to go another day without a gorgeous tan again! The Tan Eraser retails in Irish shops €8.99, find your local stockist here!