My Blog Goals & Resolutions for 2016


I’ve just sat down and filmed my 2016 personal resolutions and goals, so I thought why not set some for WhatSheDoesNow. I think setting goals and making lists of things you want to achieve is so important as it keeps you on track and keeps you motivated.

Here’s what I aim to do (blog-wise) in 2016…

  1. Post regularly – I spoke in my video (which will be up on Sunday) about how I can’t schedule posts on my current platform, which makes it really difficult to post as regularly as I’d like to as I have to be there to publish every post. I’m going to try and get this sorted so I can post consistently and as much as I’d like to.
  2. Write about what I buy – I buy so many things solely for the purpose of trying them out and writing a review on my blog, yet I don’t get to review even half of them. Either I forget or other posts get in the way, but this year I want to write about the forgotten products of 2015 and keep on top of the products to come in 2016.
  3. Plan posts – I started this a few months ago and it really helped to stay on top of things, so I want to keep doing that this year.
  4. Put my ideas into life – I can’t be the only one with this. I think of a great idea, get really excited about it and then never follow it through. I want to start putting my thoughts into action and give all of them the attention they deserve!
  5. Create different content – My style of writing has changed quite a bit since I started blogging two years ago, and so has my taste. Although beauty will always be my main passion, I want to start doing more lifestyle, home and fashion posts.
  6. Do outfit posts! – On that note, I really want to do more outfit posts. They’re something that absolutely terrify me, but I want to step outside my comfort zone and do them. I’m a jeans and tee gal at heart, so expect most of my posts to be a variation of those two things!
  7. Connect with other bloggers – *lowers head shamefully* I’m pretty bad at connecting with other bloggers. I can’t keep up with chats on Twitter and constantly forget to comment on posts I love. This is something I really want to focus on as I have met some amazing gals through blogging and think it’s so important to share the love.
  8. Stop the comparisons – Both with myself and with my blog, I mean. Comparison is the thief of joy and it can make you feel pretty damn sh*tty, so the only person I want to compare myself to is the person I was yesterday.
  9. Pursue YouTube – I started my YouTube channel seven months ago and it’s something I really enjoy working on and doing. I also started vlogging, and want to do weekly vlogs as well as one main video a week. I’m ready for the challenge!
  10. Keep enjoying WhatSheDoesNow – This blog started out as something to enjoy, and that’s what I want it to remain. As it grows and my work load and challenges become bigger, I always want this corner of the internet to be something that makes me happy and something I enjoy doing. Saying that, I can’t ever see it becoming anything else!

What are your resolutions and goals, both personal and blog-related for 2016? I’d love to hear!

Here’s to 2016 being the best year yet! x