7 Reasons Why YOUR Blog Is Amazing


There are so many amazing blogs out there, I don’t have to tell you that. Beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food, cars – name a topic and there’s a blog dedicated to it. With so many wonderful blogs crossing our Twitter and Instagram feed each day, it’s pretty easy to feel less than happy with our own.

I try my best not to compare any aspect of my life to that of others, ’cause frankly it just makes me feel like crap. Recently I’ve come across more and more brilliant blogs (which is great), but I’ve found myself saying “Why aren’t my photos like that? Why don’t I have as big a following as them? Why didn’t I think to do that post?”

This is soul destroying stuff, so I’ve nipped it in the bud. No more blog comparisons for me. If you’re feeling the same, here’s a little reminder why your blog is amazing just the way it is:

  1. It’s yours! – A blog is basically an internet baby. You made this yourself, grew it yourself and have watched it change over a period of time. It’s your very own corner of the internet. That’s pretty darn great.
  2. You enjoy doing it – 99% of people start blogs because they want to share their thoughts/opinions/information with the world. While you might eventually want to make it a business, the majority of people are doing it because they love it. Whether 1 person or 1000 people read your blog, remember why you started it.
  3. You put time and effort into it – It might just be 10 minutes once a week or two hours every day. Either way, you work hard on your blog. You take pictures, edit them, upload them, write content, edit content, publish it etc. That’s a lot of work for something you might not earn from. Blogging takes hard work and dedication – so well done you.
  4. You did it even though you were scared – Nearly every blogger I know was nervous starting up their blog. They were worried what other people might think, that it might not work out, that it would look bad. But you still did it, and clearly you care enough about it that you’re reading this post.
  5. You started it from scratch – Again, most people don’t have a clue about how blogs work at the start. It’s pretty daunting, let’s be honest. You found a platform, have written content, taken photos and maybe even learned a thing or two about SEO. You might not know everything, but you’re learning everyday.
  6. You didn’t give up – Maybe there was a time when you were less than motivated with your blog. You lost your mojo, couldn’t think of new ideas and had a dose of the blogging blues. But you didn’t give up, you stuck with it and you’re still here. That takes guts – fair play to you.
  7. You introduced yourself to a new community – Joining a new group is always scary. Well it is for me, anyway. By starting a blog you opened yourself up to a whole other world. To people who’ve been blogging for six years, to people who started a blog last week, to PR companies, to brands, the list goes on. You wiggled your way into the blogging world, and I’d bet you’ve met at least a handful of people through blogging that you wouldn’t have met otherwise.

If you’re feeling a little down about blogging, like I was, I hope this helps to lift you back up. Whether you blog once a month or once an hour, having a blog is something to be so proud of. Make sure that it’s something you always enjoy, and you’ll never have to work at  it a day in your life. Keep doin’ you, boo.

What’s your favourite/least favourite thing about blogging?


  1. 03/04/2016 / 9:50 am

    I absolutely adored this post! It’s really hard not to compare yourself to others who you admire. But I’m so proud of my blog! It’s no easy feat after all.
    Love your blog!
    Steph x.

    • whatshedoesnow
      04/04/2016 / 2:35 pm

      Steph thank you so much! I’m so so glad you enjoyed it! Absolutely, having a blog is something to be so proud of! Thank you for the lovely comment xx