21 simple things to do to relax


Relaxing isn’t something I’m great at, but it’s so important for your mental health and general state of well being. We all have our own little ways to relax, and some of them even include doing things that aren’t typically labelled ‘relaxing,’ such as writing a blog post.

If you’re looking to wind down and take some time out, here’s 21 of my favourite ways to relax – all of which require little to no effort at all! If you can, try to put your phone down while you’re relaxing so you soak up the full experience.

Ready, steady, zzzzz….

  1. Read an old book
  2. Light some incense
  3. Watch an episode (or five) of your favourite tv series (I love Gilmore Girls and Friends)
  4. Have a candlelit bath
  5. Make a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows
  6. Organise your makeup (I find this strangely therapeutic, anyone else?!)
  7. Flick through a magazine and tear out your favourite pages for a scrapbook
  8. Look through old photos
  9. Make some cookies (Tanya Burr‘s are my favourite)
  10. Go for a walk (the closer to the sea, the better!)
  11. Cuddle with your significant other (or favourite teddy)
  12. Have a midweek glass of wine (go on, you deserve it!)
  13. Do absolutely nothing (I’m not great at meditation but even just lying down and closing your eyes can be relaxing)
  14. Write out your favourite inspirational quotes
  15. Binge-watch YouTube videos
  16. Write in a journal
  17. Have a good ol’ chat with a friend
  18. Read a cookbook and mark your favourite recipes
  19. Listen to a relaxing playlist on Spotify, or make your own with your favourite songs
  20. Write a card to a friend or family member telling them something nice they need to hear
  21. Buy new pyjamas and a dressing gown (if you can) or wash an old pair and put them on straight after the dryer – amazing!

What are your favourite ways to relax? Watching YouTube videos and reading books/magazines are two of my favourites 🙂