My Biggest Advice For Getting Sh*t Done

With a full time job, a blog that I’m trying to grow, a social life, family life, personal life and 47282 other things going on, being organised is a pretty important part of my personality.

And I think the same applies for so many people. In a world where we have the ability to do so many things at once yet never actually have the time to do them, being organised is almost essential.

I’ve always loved being organised, even since when I was in school. Every evening, I always made sure my bag was packed and my books were organised by size (anyone else?), that my uniform was laid out and everything was ready to go for the next day. Not much has changed since then, to be honest.

Being organised gives me piece of mind, but I wouldn’t say I’m Monica Geller-level organised. I’d say I’m 70% there, but maybe my boyfriend would say that’s an underestimation.

Aside from making lists on a daily basis and putting everything into my Google calendar (and relying heavily on coffee), there’s one tip that really helps me to be organised and get shit done.

I try to stick by the rule of: If it takes less than five minutes to do, just do it.

It’s often the small five minute tasks that I want to put off, but then they build up over time and suddenly become a mammoth 40 minute mega task.

So instead of adding lots of five minute to-dos to my list, I try to do whatever it is before I have to write it down and it becomes a chore, or as soon as possible if I can’t do it then and there.

For example, I could dread booking a check up or to get my car serviced for weeks and always have it looming over my head, or I could just do it as soon as I think of it and get it over with.

Or I could avoid sorting through an online order I’ve to return, or instead I could package it up and make sure I return it the next day.

When I’m travelling to and from work is often when I get most of my five-minute tasks done, as otherwise I’d just be scrolling on my phone. That means by the time I get to work, I already have something productive done.

Like many things in life, I think it’s the small changes that make the biggest difference. So whenever I check my to-do list, instead of having a mix of 12 big and little things to do, I just have 5 or 6 big things, and it seems much more manageable.

Let me know in the comments if you’d like more tips on how I stay organised, and please let me know if you’ve any good tips or tricks – I’d love to hear!


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