31 Questions Every 20-Something Asks Themselves

Having turned 23 last month, I’m officially on my way to being in my mid-twenties, which is absolutely terrifying, to be honest.

There have been a lot of thoughts about life going through my head over the past few weeks, and surely I can’t be alone? I think your twenties are a funny time because you feel like you need to have everything sorted out, but the majority of people absolutely don’t.

While, obviously, everyone’s thoughts differ, hopefully you’ll relate to some of these and realise you’re not alone in freaking out about life sometimes!

31 Questions Every 20-Something Asks Themselves

  1. Will I ever be able to buy a house?
  2. Will I ever have a job that pays enough for me to buy a house?
  3. Will I be in debt until I’m 89?
  4. Do I want to have kids?
  5. Will I be a good parent?
  6. What if I’m a terrible parent and my kids hate me?
  7. Do I want to get married?
  8. When will I get married?
  9. How will I afford a wedding?
  10. Have I travelled enough?
  11. Should I just pack my bags and move to India?
  12. Am I wasting the best years of my life?
  13. Will I be working 9-5 forever?
  14. Will I ever find out what I’m good at?
  15. Will I ever be able to make money from what I enjoy?
  16. What if I’m old and everyone dies and I’m on my own? (please tell me I’m not the only person who thinks this!)
  17. Should I cut all of my hair off?
  18. Do I need a nose piercing?
  19. Would I be more fun if I died my hair pink?
  20. Should I get a tattoo?
  21. I can see lines on my forehead – why don’t I wear suncream every day like I’m supposed to?!
  22. Do I have my own style yet?
  23. Should I be wearing matching pyjamas and not old t-shirts?
  24. Have I found my passion?
  25. Why haven’t I achieved as much as X?
  26. Should I get my lips done? (anyone who watches Love Island will hopefully relate)
  27. Will I ever be able to iron a shirt properly?
  28. … Or do I really need to iron clothes at all?
  29. How much money should I have saved by now?
  30. Do I need to learn a new language?
  31. Where did the last (insert number) years go?!

… And the list goes on.

It was quite scary putting this together – so please tell me I’m not alone in these thoughts!

While the future can seem scary and overwhelming sometimes, I try to remind myself that the things we worry about now will seem totally irrelevant in years to come.

We might as well just enjoy ourselves, be someone we’re proud to be and do what makes us happy. If we answer those questions along the way, that’s just a bonus!


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