Bloopers #1 – The Photos That Didn’t Make It To Instagram

If you have an Instagram account and are partial to the odd selfie or outfit pic, there’s a very good chance that you’ll know the struggle of trying to get a photo you’re happy with.

Much to my boyfriend/ unwilling photographer’s despair, it usually takes around 10 photos until there’s one that I’m happy enough to post. Sometimes it’s the first one, other times it’s the last one, and sometimes I don’t post them at all.

Thanks to filters, Photoshop and having access to a constant feed of people’s gorgeous photos – as well as ultimately being able to look at our reflections at any given time – we’re all harder on ourselves and our appearances than ever.

I’m certainly no different. I pick out tiny details in photos that I’m not happy with, including but not restricted to; ‘my eyes are too squinty’, ‘my hand looks like a claw’, ‘my head looks huge’ etc etc…

So when I was scrolling through my phone deleting dozens (read hundreds) of unused Insta and blog photos my boyfriend had taken over the past few months, I decided to share them here as a reminder that for every nice picture you see on someone’s Instagram, there’s probably at least another five ‘unworthy’ ones behind it.

I’ve put a gallery of my most recent unused photos below, and am going to turn this into a series that goes up every few weeks. It’s a bit scary sharing these because obviously they’re not my favourite photos of myself, but sure what’s the harm?

Have a scroll through, enjoy and remember: no one’s life is picture perfect!

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