19 Reasons Why Summer Coming To An End Isn’t The Worst Thing Ever

Let me start this post with a disclaimer that I am yet to go on my summer holiday, so therefore I’m able to think positively about summer coming to an end.

We’re heading on our month-long USA trip in five days, meaning I’m still in ‘woohoo it’s summer!’ mode. But once we get back it will be the end of September, summer will be long gone and we’ll be fully in the throes of autumn.

I *really* struggle when the clocks go back (or is it forwards? I can never remember), when the evenings get darker and my legs get hairier, so if you’re not ready to say goodbye to summer and are dreading the change in seasons like me, I’ve put together 19 reasons why summer coming to an end isn’t all that bad.

  1. ALL of the cosy jumpers
  2. Leggings! On their own, under jeans… pure cosiness
  3. Fluffy pyjamas!
  4. Wearing your dressing gown constantly when indoors
  5. Crispy, crunchy leaves
  6. Pumpkin spiced lattes (yeah, I said it)
  7. Being able to go on a long walk without sweating profusely
  8. Daily hot chocolate
  9. Lighting a toasty fire, snuggling up in a soft blanket and reading a good book
  10. Bobble hats and big scarves
  11. Long evenings spent watching Netflix
  12. Not feeling guilty for staying inside instead of having to go out and ‘make the most’ of the weather
  13. Being able to cuddle your significant other in bed without wanting to strangle them
  14. Not having to panic when you’re legs aren’t shaved/tanned (if that’s your thing) because you’ll be living in jeans, baby
  15. Always having a candle burning
  16. Being finally able to talk about Christmas!
  17. Looking back on your summer holiday and wondering what you’ll do next year
  18. Knowing it’s nearly September and you don’t have to go back to school (sorry if you do!)
  19. Halloween!

*Saving this as a bookmark for myself so I can read it when I come home from hols*

What are you looking forward to most about autumn? Let me know in the comments!