The start of something new…

Today is the day I decided I would finally begin to write the blog I have dreamed about for so long. 

*deep breaths*

I’m currently studying journalism in college, and after contemplating the idea of writing a blog for 18 months, I thought that no time would be better than now. My obsession with magazines, fashion, beauty and general interest in every day things began to overflow in the last few months – my dad can only listen to so much of: ‘That cover shoot was amazing in Glamour, don’t you think?’, ‘Does this leather jacket suit me or do I look like a 90’s children’s television presenter?’ So, where else to share my addiction but on the internet with other self-confessed fashion and beauty addicts? We are in this together 😉

I love reading blogs and watching YouTube videos and seeing other people’s opinions on products, trends and taking inspiration from their style, and want to add my views and maybe inspire some people in the process. 

WhatSheDoesNow is about fashion, beauty and positivity, written by an Irish college student who dreams of living in New York, hoards magazines and is a self-confessed shop-and-blog-aholic. 

So, if you’re interested, stick around and let’s share our love of lipstick, shoes, shopping trips and the occasional inspirational quote ❤


*Turn your face towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you*




This month’s dose..