I’ve fallen slightly out of love with monthly favourites posts, so instead I’m going to stick with showing you what I like in this style of post. I’ve been trying out lots of new things lately and these are just a few bits that have stood out to me, with a few… View Post

It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve published an outfit post and there’s a couple of reasons why. Despite originally starting WhatSheDoesNow as a mainly fashion-focussed blog, over time it has leaned more towards beauty and positivity, which I’m totally okay with. Although I may not wear couture or the… View Post

Every few months I develop an obsession with a certain type of makeup product. It goes from lipstick to highlighter to foundation, and right now it’s palettes. Meet Matt(e) Trimony by The Balm was on my to-buy list for a verrry long time when my friends very kindly bought it… View Post

Relaxing isn’t something I’m great at, but it’s so important for your mental health and general state of well being. We all have our own little ways to relax, and some of them even include doing things that aren’t typically labelled ‘relaxing,’ such as writing a blog post. If you’re… View Post

Following on from the details of how we travelled to Paris and where we stayed (catch up here), here’s what we actually got up to during our four days! Day one Day one was all about the Eiffel Tower! We arrived at our hotel at around one o’clock and chilled… View Post