Two-Steps To Amazing Eyebrows

It ain’t easy trying to fill in your eyebrows when they’re naturally thin and fair. Without makeup, my eyebrows are almost non-existent. I really don’t like spending ages on my brows in the morning (I’d rather stay in bed, thanks), but I don’t want to sacrifice on how they look. I’ve… View Post

What To Do When You Run Out Of Ideas

It happens to the best of us. One week you’re publishing and planning posts like no other and the next a single idea won’t come into your head. It’s frustrating and annoying and it can drive you crazy. Blogger burnout, writer’s block, the end of the world – call it… View Post

Steps I’m Taking to Improve My Self-Love

May is gonna be a crazy month. There will be so much going on over the next few weeks (including an internship and preparation for my 21st!!), that I’m going to be pretty much on-the-go 24/7, and I can’t wait! For the past five months I’ve been following Marissa’s YearOfYou… View Post

My Makeup & Beauty Storage Tour! // VIDEO

Incase you missed it, this week I uploaded my makeup and beauty storage tour to my YouTube channel! I quite like my dresser setup – it’s pretty basic –  so maybe it’ll give you some inspiration for how to store your makeup and beauty bits. One day I dream of… View Post