The Repurchasables


With hundreds of options in the shops and online, I feel like you’ve got to love a product a lot if you repurchase it time and time again.  I’m not very faithful to every piece of makeup in my kit, and there’s only a select few that I’m in a long-term, serious relationship with.

I’ve bought some of these products more than five times, which goes to show just how much I love them. And, regardless of all the other options on the market, I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

First up is NARS Sheer Glow. I bought this foundation three years ago and it quickly became my favourite everyday foundation. It’s lightweight and you can build up the coverage to as much or as little as you like. I use this nearly everyday without fail and I absolutely love it. You don’t need a lot of product, so a little goes a long way. I don’t even have to think about repurchasing this, it’s a staple in my makeup bag.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer must be one of the most talked about budget concealers on the market. Depending on which shade you buy, you can use it to highlight, to cover spots and to conceal under eye circles. It’s a great multi-purpose concealer, I’ve one in my handbag and one in my makeup drawers so there’s always one to hand!

The Soap and Glory Archery Brow Pencil totally revolutionised eyebrow products for me. The thin nib and spoolie at the end means I can have my brows done in two minutes. It’s a total dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, for a fraction of the price. Whether you’ve thin brows or thick brows, everyone can benefit from this.

I don’t think I’ll ever need to repurchase this because such a tiny amount is needed, but if it came to it I’d repurchase the Anastasia DipBrow Pomade in a flash. If I’ve a long day ahead of me, I always use this to make sure my brows stay in place all day. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to use and gives professional-looking HD brows.

This might just be my most repurchased makeup product of all time. MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Bare Again is my all time favourite nude. It’s creamy, hydrating and pigmented. The nude/pink colour is absolutely gorgeous and I use this both for going to college and going on a night out. It’s my favourite lipstick in my collection, and something I think every beauty-lover should at least swatch!

The most recent addition to my repurchasables list is the Flormar Bronzing Powder. Again, this product is so huge that I don’t think I’ll ever run out of it. It’s great for bronzing, contouring and doesn’t look muddy at all. This has pushed all of my other bronzers to the back of the drawer and is something I use everyday.

Lastly is MAC Mineralise SkinFinish in Light. I genuinely can’t remember when I started using this, I think it was when I started using makeup. This is the only powder I’ve ever used (apart from Rimmel Stay Matte in my handbag) and I can’t find any reason for me to try a new one. It keeps shine at bay, without making your skin look flat or cakey and is really light on the skin. It’s perfect to set concealer and foundation, and I don’t find myself needing to top-up during the day when I use this.

What are your repurchasable products? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear! x

10 Things My Boyfriend Doesn’t Understand About Makeup

picmonkey_image copy

Being someone who absolutely loves makeup, I spend a lot of time buying it, looking at it, doing it and talking about it. That’s great when I’m with the girls, but it’s a bit unfortunate for my boyfriend when I buy a new palette and want to bask in it’s glory, while he doesn’t know what I’m talking about.

I must say, after lot of rambling on my part, he knows Charlotte Tilbury from MAC, and he knew not to buy a blue eyeshadow when the girl in MAC tried to convince him to (seriously).

After he called eyelash curlers “eyebrow clampers” one too many times, I was intrigued by what he does and doesn’t understand about makeup. Here’s what he said:

  1. “Why isn’t bronzer bronze? It’s red, not bronze” – Red?! And all this time I thought I’d finally gotten the hang of contouring.
  2. “Why do you need to curl your eyelashes? What’s that about?”
  3. “Does makeup feel heavy on your face? It looks heavy sometimes” – This one went down a treat.
  4. “Is it worth it in the end? When you have to take it all off?” – Nine times out of ten, yes. Coming home exhausted from a night out, no. 
  5. “Have you ever hurt your eye putting eyeliner on?”
  6. “What’s the obsession with eyebrows? Why do you get them waxed?” – Sidetone: I’ve never once gotten my eyebrows waxed.
  7. “Why do you have loads of different brushes that are different sizes? Why can’t you just use the one brush for the same thing?”
  8. “I read your blog once and it had this thing about high definition makeup. What is that?!”
  9. “What is concealer? How is it different than foundation?”
  10. “Highlight and bronzer are the same thing, right?…Wait, what?! What are you trying to highlight? Why?!’
  11. Bonus: “You know that powder I bought you? (MAC Mineralise SkinFinish) Is that to plump your foundation up a bit?”

Bless him. I’ll tell you one thing, now he can’t ask me “what’s taking you so long?!” when I’m getting ready – he knows.

“10 Things My Boyfriend Doesn’t Understand About…” will be a new series on the blog. It took a bit of convincing, but I think it’ll be a good one!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! What funny things have the men in your life said to you about makeup?

10 Ways to Save for Christmas


How does it happen every year? One minute it’s Halloween and you’re sitting at home eating sweets, and the next you realise you’ve 15 presents to buy and €0 to buy them with. Every year! With Christmas a couple of weeks away (eek) there’s still plenty of time to save and gather a few extra pennies for Christmas shopping. I’ve a few tips (some which I need to take on board myself) that’ll save you some dollar, and maybe leave you with a bit extra for a new outfit too.

1. Cut back on buying coffee – *ahem* The amount of money I spend on coffee a week makes me feel a little ill. There’s nothing wrong with a cup here or there, but realistically there’s no need to be buying over priced cups of coffee every single day. I love using latte sachets that you just need to add boiling water to, or bring your coffee with you in a reusable cup in the mornings.

Save: 1 coffee a day = €2.50. €2.50 x 6 days a week = €15. €15 a week x 4 = €60 a month! 

2. Put money aside at the start of each month – It’s all well and good saying that you’re going to put some money aside when you get paid, but 9 times out of 10 that doesn’t actually happen. Especially if you go to Topshop as soon as payday comes around. Choose an amount and take it out of your account as soon as you get paid, like you would with a bill. Or set up a direct debit. That way, you don’t have the money to spend in the first place and you won’t notice it’s gone.

3. Quit the gym – I’m all for being healthy and exercising, but if you don’t get your money’s worth out of your gym membership, then quit. It shouldn’t work out to be costing you €12.50 each time you go. I recently quit the gym and have started doing pay as you go classes for €5. That means I’m not under pressure to make it to the gym and I’m only paying for what I actually do.

Save: €55 a month 

4. Switch your phone plan – Most phone networks allow you to look at your data usage, calls and texts online. Have a look at what your plan covers, and whether you get value out of it or not. If you’ve to pay €10 extra a month on top of your plan for extra data, look and see if there’s a more affordable plan that includes high data usage. Similarly, if you never make phone calls, check that you’re not paying for 100 minutes of calls per month. Look around and you’ll be sure to find a money-saving plan that suits you.

5. Buy a travel card – If you use public transport a lot, chances are it’s cheaper to use a travel card than to pay in cash each time you go on the bus. In Ireland there are Leap cards, which can save you up to 20%.

Save: €2.55 cash vs. €2.05 Leap card one way. Save €1 per journey x 12 = €12 per month

6. Pack lunches and snacks – This is the one I find hardest. It’s easy to spend €10 on lunch a couple of days a week and think it’s nothing, but when you check your bank balance you see how much it adds up. Make soups, salads and bring granola bars or nuts for snacks. Always bring your own water, too.

Save: €10 lunch x 2 per week = €20. €20 x 4 weeks = €80 a month

7. Walk when you can – Between bus fares, petrol and parking tickets, travelling places can get expensive! Get your exercise after quitting the gym (see what I did there? ;)) by walking places when you can. We’ve all become so accustomed to getting the bus or driving that it’s easy to forget how we could actually get to a lot of places by walking there instead.

8. Think before you buy – Another tip I need to take onboard myself. I’m an advertiser’s dream and get sucked into buying things really quickly, when a lot of the time I don’t really need them. If you’re buying clothes, think of three different ways you can wear the item with stuff you already have. Spend a bit of time thinking “do I really need this striped top that I have six of at home?” and you’ll be sure to save some extra $$$.

9. Look for discounts – Especially if you’re buying things online. Use your student discount, search for student discount codes if you don’t have your own, look for promotional offers – Google is your best friend. There’s nearly always discounts floating around on the interweb.

10. Carry cash – I’m not saying to carry hundreds of euro in your pocket, but we all know that it’s easier to swipe your card than to hand over cold hard cash. Carrying only what you plan on spending helps to avoid impulse buys, too.

Some of these tips might be totally applicable to you, and others not so much. But there’s nearly always room for saving a few extra euro, even if we don’t know it!

What are your tips for saving money? x

It’s WhatSheDoesNow’s 2nd Birthday!


Where does the time go?! On Tuesday it was’s 2nd birthday. I may or may not have only remembered on Wednesday, but I’m blaming my holidays for making me forget.

*Warning – cheesiness ahead*

It’s crazy how so many things can change in two years, while so many other things can stay the same. Being honest, I’m not surprised that I’m still totally obsessed with this little blog. I knew when I was starting it that it was something I really wanted to do, and I’m even more obsessed with it today than I was two years ago.

Throughout the past couple of years, a lot has changed in my life. While everything else was upside down and all over the place, WhatSheDoesNow was always a constant factor. It’s somewhere I can come to write about anything I like, to ramble and to share my shopping addiction. I’ve had so many amazing experiences through my blog, and for that I’ll be forever grateful.

As I’ve grown as a person, my blog has grown with me. Having a blog has been a big factor in growing. I’ve become more confident, more creative and more honest. It’s something that’s given me motivation, inspiration and something I’ve become fully dedicated to. As cheesy as it sounds, WhatSheDoesNow has become a part of who I am, and I don’t know what I’d do without it.

To anyone who’s considering setting up a blog, I couldn’t encourage you more. It gives you so much more than just a space to write on the internet.

Here’s the link to my first post, if you want to have a read. It’s funny how back then I’d no idea that this blog would mean so much to me.

In a bit of a recap, here’s 10 of the most amazing things that have happened because of WhatSheDoesNow (in no particular order):

  1. Being a finalist for Best Content in the Irish Beauty Blog Awards this year
  2. Being short-listed for Best Beauty Blog in Blog Awards Ireland 2015
  3. Featuring on as Blogger of the Week
  4. Featuring in XPOSE Magazine
  5. Filming a video for Vichy UK
  6. Meeting some incredible friends through comments, Instagram and Twitter
  7. Being told that I’m someone’s favourite blogger. Usually followed by, “Me?! Are you sure?!”
  8. Working with amazing brands, such as Magnitone, Cocoa Brown and HeShi
  9. Attending Dublin Fashion Festival
  10. Starting my own YouTube channel

As cliche as it sounds, there really isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not grateful for my blog and the things that happen because of it. I’m constantly thinking of post ideas, photo ideas and how I can make this blog better every day. I also can’t go anywhere without picking up something that’s “for my blog”. Even if it’s just a candle for the background.

To everyone who’s been around for the past two years – thank you. It’s hearing that you guys enjoy my posts and content that makes having a blog so special. And to anyone who’s new, welcome! Stay tuned, because you’re in for a ride.

Now where’s the cake…

Boots Skincare Haul & Review

IMG_1299 IMG_1307

A few weeks ago I posted on my Snapchat (whatshedoesnow) that I’d picked up a few bits in Boots that were on special offer. I can’t resist picking things up in Boots as it is, so when I saw some of their own-brand products on offer I had to pick them up!

Boots and Boots Botanics products are quite affordable to begin with, so they’re a total steal while they’re on offer!

I’ve been testing these out over the past few weeks, and now it’s time to report back…

I’d wanted to try out nose pore strips for ages, so I picked up the Boots Tea Tree Witch Hazel Nose Pore Strips. You get six strips in the pack, which is pretty good as you’d typically only use one a week. I’ve tried nose strips in the past and been very disappointed, so I was excited to try these out. Unfortunately, I’ve quite bad blackheads on my nose, so I was really putting these to the test.

To use, lightly wet your nose, dry your hands and press the sticky side of the strip to your nose. Make sure the strip is properly stuck down and leave for 15 minutes. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this stayed on my nose, as other strips had peeled off. Removing the strip was easy and pain free. Upon inspection of the strip, it had removed a good bit of gunk out of my pores (lovely). My nose was smoother and blackheads were visibly reduced. I’ve used these once a week for the past few weeks and, safe to say, the blackheads on my nose are visibly reduced. Success.

To further treat my skin, which is combination and prone to breakouts, I tried the Boots Tea Tree Witch Hazel Face Mask with Active CharcoalCharcoal is great for extracting dirt from the skin, while witch hazel treats and calms breakouts, so this is a combination I was eager to try.

Like a regular face mask, I smoothed this all over my face and down my neck and left it to work for 15 minutes. The mask has a lovely witch hazel smell and feels really cool and calm on the skin. Only a thin layer is needed and it dries in quite quickly. The mask removes easily with warm water and a face cloth, without rubbing at the skin. After coming back from holidays my skin was quite broken out and irritated, and using this mask calmed it right down. Any breakouts I had were reduced, and I’m pretty sure the charcoal prevented any other breakouts that were planning on coming up. My skin feels a bit dry after using this, so I always load on moisturiser afterwards, although it’s nothing serious.

Speaking of moisturiser (see what I did there?), I purchased the Boots Botanics All Bright Hydrating Night Cream (out of stock). I’m dreadful at applying moisturiser at night time, so this was well-needed. It has a lovely rose-scent that’s not too heavy or fragranced. I love slathering this all over my face before I go to bed. I keep it on my bed side locker so I don’t forget, and my skin thanks me for it.

It’s a light cream formula that sinks in straight away. It doesn’t leave a film on my skin, feel heavy or leave my face looking greasy. In the morning my skin is brighter, and even my foundation looks better on. My skin has a nice natural glow and highlight that I definitely didn’t have before. The cream has hyaluronic acid and hibiscus in it, which combine to moisturise and brighten the skin. This is one night cream I’d definitely recommend trying out.

What blew me away most was the Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm. I’ve never tried a hot cloth cleansing balm before and, wait for it, this one is 97% organic! The only cleanser I’ve seen like that before is coconut oil, and that’s not even advertised as a cleanser. This even came with a muslin cloth in the box!

I’m a huge fan of high-end cleansing balms and oils, so I was excited to see how this drugstore version matched up. From the first use, I was seriously impressed. The balm has a slightly gritty feel, but it smooths out when you rub it into the skin. Only a 50cent coin amount is needed, as it melts into the skin straight away, turning from a balm into an oil. This is so relaxing to rub into the skin and breaks down all makeup, including mascara easily. I don’t have the patience to run the tap until hot water comes out, so I soak the cloth in cold water, squeeze it out and gently rub it over my face. Within a few wipes, nearly all of my makeup is gone. The balm contains Shea Butter, Rosehip and Jojoba Oil, which leaves my skin feeling super smooth and clean. I use a little bit of micellar water afterwards to make sure every bit of makeup and oil is gone. Even if you’ve loads of cleansers at home, this one is definitely worth trying out!

Apologies for the lengthy post, but I had a lot to say about these fab products! My skin is quite sensitive and reacts easily, but none of these caused any breakouts at all. I’m a huge high-end skincare fan, but I am seriously impressed with these affordable products and can’t wait to try more from the Boots ranges! Some of these products are still on offer (links above), so definitely check them out!

How to Get Rid of Makeup and Tan Stains


Being a beauty lover has it’s downsides. Constantly having makeup/tan-stained clothes is one of them, along with not being able to walk into Boots without buying something.

I recently bought a white lace, vintage-inspired top to wear to work. I was tanned and ready for the weekend, wore it to work feeling great, and came home to see tan stains on the inside of the top along the crease of my arms, on the neckline and under the arms. Crap.

Luckily, a while ago I was sent out some Vanish products to review. This was their time to shine. I ran the marked areas under the tap to wet them, then rubbed some of Vanish Gold for Whites directly onto the stained parts with the back of the cup that comes in the tub. I lightly rubbed the material together to make sure it got right into the fabric, and left them to soak for 20 minutes.

Next, I popped them in the wash with half a scoop of the powder in the washing machine drawer and crossed my fingers that the top came out clean. Upon inspection, the tan stains were totally gone. Phew. Even the stain from the pen I’d accidentally stabbed myself with earlier in the day had come out.

I wouldn’t like to admit how many sheets/tops/clothes that have been ruined because of makeup and fake tan stains. At least now I know that I can fix them with Vanish, and my fake-tan addiction doesn’t have to come to an end!

A Few Holiday Snaps & Update!

IMG_6792 IMG_6781 IMG_6757 IMG_6746 IMG_6711IMG_6828

Well hello there! I mentioned on my social media that I was going on holidays for a week and taking a break from work, blogging, and (kinda) social media. I’m a total workaholic, so leaving my laptop behind was tough, but I had a really well-needed break and now I’m back and feeling motivated and ready to get into the swing of things!

I spent the week in Lanzarote, one of my favourite places, and had a really great, relaxing time. I ate too much, sometimes drank too much (oops) and laughed a lot. Sometimes you need a few days away from the hustle and bustle of everything to get back on track.

To explain the few snaps above, first there’s the gorgeous beach. Lanzarote is a volcanic island, so the views from the beach are amazing at any time of day. Usually I’m not a huge fan of getting into the sea, but we swam and saw loads of fish in the clear water, and completed a floating obstacle course! It was totally out of my comfort zone but it was so much fun and I’m so glad I did it.

Most mornings we made breakfast (bacon and cheese croissants – drool), but we went for pancakes one morning and they were delicious. My love for pancakes is out of control.

In the third photo is my gorgeous best friend Jen, who’s just fab. She never fails to make me laugh and literally radiates positivity. Next is my boyfriend George. Without getting too gushy, let’s just say I don’t know what I’d do without that chap.

On a couple of nights we went to a great bar called Route 66, which plays cheesy-pop music and does fab cocktails. Mojitos, Pina Coladas and Sex on the Beach are my faves.

Following up is the view from our apartment. I don’t think I’d ever get sick of the blue sky and gorgeous plants. It was 26 degrees most days, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that from the lack of tan I came back with.

Lastly is an OOTN from one of our nights out. It’s not often I upload outfit photos, but they’re one of my favourite posts to do, so I’m going to try to do them more often! The leotard is from Boohoo and the suede skirt is New Look.

My brain was buzzing with ideas on the plane back today, so stayed tuned for plenty of posts to come! Beauty, lifestyle, fashion, happiness (and a new series), are coming your way!

Tan Eraser – The Tan Addict’s Dream

IMG_1296 IMG_1297 IMG_1298

Considering that I put a post up nearly every week about some form of fake tan, I was more than happy to try out Tan Eraser*.

I use tan nearly every week, so I know too well how important it is to exfoliate and scrub to get rid of old tan. I’ve talked before about my tanning routine, where I explained that I like to exfoliate 24 hours before I apply tan to make sure I’ve a smooth canvas for my next application.

I’ve quite sensitive skin that gets irritated and itchy quite easily, so usually I dread this part of my routine. That’s until I started using Tan Eraser. Unlike scrub gloves, using it doesn’t irritate my skin whatsoever.

Here’s how it works:

1. Shower as normal, rinsing away any body wash thoroughly.

2. Wet the Tan Eraser and squeeze out any excess water.

3. Step out from under the shower hose and rub the skin with the Tan Eraser.

4. Rub until all of your tan is gone, rinse under water and you’re done!

There are two sides to the Tan Eraser, as pictured above. The pink side is for gentle exfoliation and the black side is for more intense exfoliation. I start with using the pink side and then swap to the black for any stubborn bits that won’t come off.

Usually when I’m scrubbing off tan I can see the old product running down the drain, but with the Tan Eraser it actually lifts the tan off your skin. It comes off in rolls, like little rubbings from a rubber!

I had quite a bit of tan on from last weekend, so yesterday I put the Tan Eraser to the ultimate test. Within five minutes of scrubbing, 95% of my old tan had come off. There were some stubborn patches that wouldn’t budge, so last night I moisturised them, then used the Tan Eraser today and my tan was 100% gone.

For someone who uses tan all the time, this is an absolute dream! I don’t have to worry about exfoliating for three days before I plan to put on a fresh layer of tan, because this takes practically all of it off in one go! If I had moisturised my skin like you’re supposed to when wearing tan, it all would have came off the first time.

If you’re a tan addict like me, the Tan Eraser is just what you’re looking for! You won’t have to go another day without a gorgeous tan again! The Tan Eraser retails in Irish shops €8.99, find your local stockist here!

More Than Just The Winter Blues?


Today’s post is quite different to what usually goes up around here, but I thought that it was an important issue to share.

I wrote a piece for my college newspaper about SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, because I noticed that I was starting to recognise some of the symptoms in myself. I hope this piece might help to inform anyone else who’s feeling that way, or maybe you could help a friend if you think they might be going through this.

It’s easy to begin feeling down during the colder, darker months, so be sure to look after yourself and know when to talk to a friend or get help, it’s totally normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

“If you find that in winter your mood starts to drop along with the temperature, it might just be more than a case of the “winter blues”.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of depression that most commonly occurs during the colder months. It is thought that the shorter days, and therefore less exposure to sunlight, causes the onset of SAD during autumn and winter.

Symptoms of SAD can include lack of energy, irritability, lack of interest in everyday activities, feelings of despair and changes in your weight and appetite.

The main theory for the cause of SAD is that the lack of sunlight may stop the hypothalamus of the brain from functioning properly. This change may affect the production of melatonin, serotonin and your body’s biological clock.

Melatonin, “the sleep hormone”, plays a role in your sleep cycle. During winter the body may produce higher than normal levels of melatonin, making you feel sleepy.

Levels of serotonin, known as “the happy hormone”, may drop in winter due to lack of sunlight, leading to a drop in your mood.

As for your body’s internal clock, the dark mornings and shorter daylight hours may disrupt your sleep cycle, creating feelings of lethargy and tiredness.

While it’s normal to have off days, it’s when these feelings of unhappiness and despair become persistent that you need to take action.

The NHS estimates that approximately 1 in 15 people in the UK are affected by SAD between September and April, and it has been found that the disorder is more common in women than men.

If you experience symptoms of SAD, it is recommended that you visit your GP for the best advice and treatment for you.

However, there are a few things that you can do to help yourself, such as getting out and about, exercising and making the most of the natural light. Talk to friends and family about how you’re feeling, go for a walk and be sure to eat well. And of course, a cup of tea nearly always helps.”

10 Tips for Acne-Prone Skin // VIDEO

This week’s video on my YouTube channel is all about tips for acne prone skin. Unfortunately I’ve been suffering with quite a few breakouts recently, and I’ve always had spot-prone skin, so I thought I’d put together a few tips I’ve gathered over the years and that work for me!

I’ve spoken about these 10 tips in more detail in the video, but here they are if you’d like to have a quick read!

1. Cleanse Properly
2. Have a solid skincare routine
3. Always use moisturiser
4. Watch what you eat to see how your skin reacts
5.  Stress = breakouts
6. Exfoliate!
7. Change your pillow cases
8. Wash your makeup brushes
9. Try new products one at a time
10. Don’t panic!

Please subscribe and comment if you liked the video – I’d love to hear!