Bargain Buy | Jessup Makeup Brushes


I ordered these brushes from eBay just before Christmas after hearing the lovely Gabby, from VelvetGh0st, mention them in one of her videos. With ten makeup brushes costing only €15.70, I thought it was way too good to be true. But I was wrong – that €15.70 is the best money I have ever spent when it comes to makeup. With one brush from MAC costing over €20 and still shedding, these brushes are a fraction of the price and don’t shed at all.



Each brush is stippled and really densely packed. The brush hairs are really soft and pick up colour well, but don’t pack it on. One thing that I absolutely love about these brushes is their packaging – I think that the gold and black looks really expensive, in fact they’re quite similar to Sigma brush packaging. You can buy the brushes on their own or in sets, and can get different colour handles too. My regular brushes that I use have taken a backseat and I find myself using these everyday. Delivery was quite quick, considering they were coming from China, taking about three weeks, and the seller was really professional. If you’re looking to try out some new brushes, or are celebrating payday, I’d definitely recommend giving these a try!

Here’s what I use each brush for:

Foundation – This brush is really similar to the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and applies foundation flawlessly.

Bronzing Powder – The angled edge of this brush makes it really easy to apply bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks and bronze your temples and jawline.

Cream Bronzer – I’ve never had a brush like this before, and boy was I missing out. I absolutely love the tapered end, which makes applying cream bronzer really easy. I find that this brush works better with cream bronzer than powder bronzer as it’s easier to work the cream bronzer into the skin with the pointed end.

Powder – Really similar to the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, which I still love, this brush is the perfect size for applying powder where you need it, instead of getting it all over your face due to a really large brush.

Blush – This fluffy brush works just as well with cream blush as powder blush, something that doesn’t happen often!

Eyelid – I love using this brush to pack colour onto my eyelid without it going all over my face.

Outer Corner – Like a mini version of the Cream Bronzer brush, the pointed end of this makes applying colour to the outer corner easy. It’s particularly useful for applying a dark shade to the outer corner of your eye without ruining the work you’ve already done on your eyelid.

Concealer – While this brush would be perfect for blending eyeshadow, I use this for applying concealer. It’s great for applying concealer under the eye and directly onto spots and blemishes.

Crease – The slightly angled edge of this brush is great for applying colour into the crease from the inner corner outwards.

Blending – This brush is way more densely packed than my MAC 217 brush, but still works really well for blending eyeshadows.

Here’s the link to buy the brushes if you’re interested –

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