Multitasking Real Techniques Brushes


Using a brush for a makeup task other than its intended purpose can go oh so right, or oh so wrong. Luckily, Real Techniques brushes are perfect for multitasking. In fact, I’ve found that using them for other than what their stated for can work just as well, if not better. A good 2in1 brush is ideal for travelling and, hey, you’re basically saving money by buying a multitasking brush. Win win, right?

Blush brush // My most recent Real Techniques brush purchase has quickly become a favourite. I started out using it for blush, but found that the tapered end and fluffy hairs made it more suited to bronzer. It makes for quick and easy application on days where you’re not really looking to contour, but more to give your face a bit of colour.

Buffing brush // I’ve never used this brush for foundation, as I’ve seen most people do. As soon as I got it I thought it was perfect for powder and I’ve never looked back. The bristles are really dense so powder applies really well and almost ‘sticks’ to the skin. Although it’s not as big as your typical powder brush, the smaller brush head leads to more perfected application and control over where you want to apply it. Plus, half of your product doesn’t end up on your lap.

Stippling brush // As much as I love using this brush for foundation, a half-asleep early morning makeup application led to me using it for cream blush, and it worked really well. I find that fluffy brushes don’t work as well with cream products, so the duo fibres of this brush makes cream blush a breeze to apply and blend.

Contour brush // Perfect for applying bronzer? Yes. Perfect for applying highlight? Also yes. When I’m doing my makeup on nights out I always find myself using this to contour my cheeks more heavily with bronzer, but then also wiping it and using it to dust powder highlight along my cheekbones. The fluffy, tapered end allows you to lightly dust the product wherever you need it, and even is small enough to use for applying highlighter under the brow bone, in the corner of your eye and on the Cupid’s bow.

Pointed foundation brush // Although I’m sure it gives a lovely effect, the smallness of this brush would probably take me 20 minutes to cover my face with foundation, which I really don’t have the time for. Instead, I use it for cream contour and highlight. The pointed end and flat shape is perfect for literally drawing out on your face the lines for contour and highlight, and really packs on the product. I always use a bigger brush to blend it all in though, don’t worry.

In comparison to MAC face brushes, I can honestly say that I prefer Real Techniques. They are much more affordable and do a fantastic job. The hairs have never shed, and after washing them numerous times they are still as good as new. Being able to multitask with brushes is so handy – that’s not saying that I’m going to condense my three jars of makeup brushes anytime soon though. Hoarder, me? Never…

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  1. 24/03/2014 / 7:46 pm

    I really want to try these brushes, I think I’ll be getting a couple soon to try out 😀 glad to read this!

  2. Adele
    25/03/2014 / 12:25 pm

    Does your stippling brush shed? I have many real techniques brushes too and have only been disappointed with that one because it completely fell apart. It doesn’t just shed anymore, large portions of its bristles come out every time I try to use it.

    • 25/03/2014 / 2:55 pm

      It has never shed! I find that MAC stippling brushes shed quite a lot. That’s crazy! It must have been a faulty brush – they’re usually quite good!

  3. Adele
    25/03/2014 / 9:19 pm

    maybe I’ll try getting a new one and seeing if it’s any better.