The Makeup And Wardrobe Clearout


I’m a big late to the spring clean party, but I decided that having a few days off was the perfect opportunity to organise and clear out my wardrobe and makeup stash. Both had been very neglected over the past few months, so when my room started to resemble Penneys after a mega sale, I thought it was time to sort it out. It took me four days to go through everything and clear everything completely, but it’s so satisfying to see the results. Here’s what I did:


1. Go through every single piece in your wardrobe and drawers and take them out.

2. Hang/fold each piece properly and honestly ask yourself if you will wear it in the future.

3. If the answer is ‘one day…’ throw it aside. If you wouldn’t wear it today (unless it’s seasonal or occasional) you won’t wear it at all.

4. Make five piles:

Keep – items you will wear

Bin – ripped/ stained/ damaged items

Charity – clothes that you’ve grown out of, no longer wear or no longer like. Maybe ask your friends/ family to look through them first incase they see anything they like

Sentimental – I’ve a lot of clothes that hold memories to me, and I just can’t give them away, so they go in this pile

Seasonal – clothes that aren’t suitable to the current climate

5. Hang or fold the items you want to keep. I put everyday wear together, casual clothes and tracksuits together, going out clothes together etc. Try to hang as much as you can so you can see everything.

6. Put seasonal and sentimental clothes into storage. If you’ve a big wardrobe, put them at the back. Otherwise put them in boxes or vacuum bags.

7. Most of the time I can’t decide whether to keep or donate the clothes in the ‘charity’ pile, so I ask for a second opinion. Make sure you ask someone who’s ruthless, and that you won’t end up putting everything back in your closet!

8. I have one rail where I keep new clothes. Maybe it’s just me and I probably sound crazy, but I like being able to see them!


Makeup/ Beauty



1. Go through every single product and lay them out.

2. Put the products/ makeup that you use everyday together.

3. Put products you use occasionally together.

4. I find that when you can see all of the products you have, you’re more likely to use them. So try to display everything where you can see it, so it’s not hidden away. I use clear storage boxes from Ikea. One is for everyday products, another for tanning/ body products and another for hair products. That way you know where everything you need is.

5. As for makeup, try to make everything as accessible as possible. I store all of my palettes together, use glasses for eyeliners and mascaras and acrylic storage for other makeup. One drawer is for the makeup I use everyday, and the other two are for choice and going out makeup. I’ve one box with makeup that I hardly use, like glitter liners and older makeup. That way I know where everything is!

Organising and clearing out your makeup and wardrobe really is a matter of preference. There’s no set way to organise it, so try to find what works for you. No doubt you’ll feel better afterwards!



  1. 20/05/2014 / 6:14 pm

    love this post! So going to try out reorganising my makeup stash. Feel as if I never use half of it ’cause I can’t see it! Any ideas for where I can find super cheap little glasses or clear pots? Xx

  2. 20/05/2014 / 7:38 pm

    I do this with new clothes too! I have to have them at the front of my wardrobe so I can keep looking at them! Glad I’m not the only strange one (Annie always makes fun of me for it)
    Chloe – twolittleowlsblog