How I’m Working Towards Creating A Happier Life

A happy life is ultimately the one thing we all want, isn’t it? The definition of ‘happy’ differs for everyone and can consist of different things but for me, in basic terms, a happy life is a life where you look forward to tomorrow, rather than dreading it.

A life where you’re happy in the present moment, where you’re surrounded by wonderful people and where you’re in a position to live comfortably and without any major fears. Depending on what the fears/stresses/worries are, you might even be able to be happy despite them.

It sounds so simple, yet living a happy life can seem impossible for some of us. Sure, we can all live but dammit I want to live happily.

I want to live a life where I feel grateful, excited and hopeful about the future. I want to feel happy on a Sunday evening and not dread the week ahead, like I often do. I want happiness to be the foundation of my very being, and know that I can always return to that state – even when life throws different things my way.

The tagline of this blog is ‘fashion, beauty, positivity’ and while I’m all about inspirational quotes and love the idea of positivity, it turns out that I haven’t been so great at being positive myself. So this is my mission to create a happier life.

I listened to the Deliciously Ella podcast episode with The Happy Pear yesterday (listen here) and there was one sentence that really stood out to me: Happiness isn’t going to come to you, you have to go out and find it. (Or something along those lines).

That hit me like a tonne of bricks.

While binge-watching Netflix for three hours is sometimes exactly what your soul needs, it’s not exactly going to be the key to happiness in the long term, is it?

I can sit and hope and wish for happiness for days on end, but it’s not just going to turn up on my doorstep in a red ribbon. I need to go out and find it and create it for myself.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not unhappy. But man do I know that I can be happier – and I know I deserve to be happier. And you probably do too. There’s no such thing as being too happy, is there? If someone seems too happy, it’s likely you see them that way because you’re unhappy yourself.

As of yesterday, I’m making a conscious effort to go out and find my happiness. I’ve already an idea of where to look (spending time with friends, eating good food, doing things I enjoy, giving back etc) but I’m ready to discover even more. I’m pretty good at doing things I enjoy and spending time with the people I love, but I know that there’s more to happiness than that.

I want to be so happy that I feel like I can handle whatever life throws at me – even on the rainiest, dullest Tuesday in January. I want happiness to be my underlying state of being, and for every other emotion to just sit on top of it, not dominate it.

So here I go, headfirst into my journey to create a happier life. I’m going to use #happylifechallenge on Instagram to track how it goes and I’d love if we could create a community of people who are determined to live a happier life, so please join in! Who’s with me?


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