A Love Affair With Charlotte Tilbury

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A few weeks ago I finally was blessed with the possession of some Charlotte Tilbury makeup goodies, thanks to my very kind boyfriend George. He bought them for me as a surprise after one evening I dragged him over to Brown Thomas while we were walking down Grafton Street and practically pressed my face against the glass where the Charlotte Tilbury display was. To say I was surprised when he showed me the bag was an understatement. I may or may not have shed a tear (I’m a very emotional person okay?!)

Anyway, after admiring the beauty of the packaging for a few days, I finally decided it was time to try the products out. The first thing I tried was the eyelash curlers, or ‘eyebrow clampers’ as George calls them. I’d been long in need of a new set, with the ones I was using being about six years old and on their last legs. High-end eyelash curlers are something that I wouldn’t be able to justify buying for myself, so they were the perfect pressie to receive! My eyelashes grow straight outwards, yet are really curly at the outer corners (strange, I know), so curling them before applying mascara is imperative as it makes all the difference to how my eyes look. Who knew that curling your eyelashes could feel so luxurious? The curlers are really good at getting right to the lash line, so you can get a really good lift. Basically, they’re like a pushup bra for your lashes. I do five pulses at the root of the lash, five in the middle and five at the very end for Bambi-esque lashes.

As for the lipstick, well it has knocked all of my other lipsticks out of the park. The rose gold packaging is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It’s weighted without being too heavy, and the ridges make it easy to hold (and it doesn’t roll away when you’re taking photos of it #bloggerproblems). And, of course, it has the oh-so-satisfying click sound when you put the lid on it. The colour, Stoned Rose, is from the Golden Goddess look and it’s everything I love in a lipstick. It’s the perfect warm-toned pink nude, it’s creamy, moisturising, pigmented and has amazing staying power. I chowed down a whole pizza and it was still in tact. It’s not very glossy, nor is it matte, it’s the perfect mix between the two.

And we can’t forget about the makeup bag, now can we? It’s the softest and prettiest makeup bag I’ve ever owned (and as a self-confessed makeup bag hoarder, I’ve owned a lot). It’s the perfect size for popping in your handbag or for travelling and the quote on the back immediately makes it my ultimate makeup bag. You’ll know how much I love quotes if you’ve ever seen my Instagram (@whatshedoesnow).

I know this might sound slightly crazy/obsessive seeming as I’m talking about makeup products and tools here, but hey, we all have something that we’re totally obsessed with, right?

Now to complete the Golden Goddess collection… Good thing a trip to London is on the cards! Selfridges here I come…