Anastasia | Brow Wiz vs Dipbrow


Anastasia Beverly Hills is a brand that’s taken over the brow world over the past couple of years. Along with Cara D brows came Anastasia and their line of products that could transform your overly-plucked 90s brows into a pair Kate Upton would be proud of.

There are a few different brow products on the Anastasia site, but the two most popular and hyped are the Brow Wiz and Dipbrow Pomade.

I first tried the Brow Wiz about a year ago and repurchased it as soon as I ran out. My brows are quite thin and fair, but I wanted to give them some shape, definition and colour. The tiny nib (you can hardly see it!) on the Brow Wiz is ideal for recreating brow hairs, and all of the control is in your hand. You can easily alter the shape of your brows and make them as strong or natural as you like. The spoolie at the end of the pencil is a huge plus as it’s really dense and is perfect for brushing through your brows before applying the product, and after to evenly distribute it if you wish. The product itself is super-easy to use and takes only about 3 minutes to get the result I like.

After a while I started to look at other Anastasia Products, and picked up the Dipbrow Pomade a few weeks ago. I ordered the #12 brush to go along with it as I thought the product would be no good if I didn’t have a good tool to apply it with. I’d heard that the pigmentation of this was very strong and that you only needed a tiny amount, but I found that I needed one good dip of the brush to get the amount I wanted. The Dipbrow requires more skill than the Brow Wiz, in my opinion. It takes longer to apply and is a bit trickier to get the shape I want. Although, I’m really impressed with the formula and its longevity. In the end, the brush wasn’t a necessary purchase. It was more expensive than the product itself, and to be honest I prefer the spoolie at the end of the Brow Wiz. If you’ve a stiff angled brush already, I wouldn’t recommend buying this.

So, what’s the verdict? For mornings I’m running out the door I use the Brow Wiz, and for days when I’ve more time to get ready or for nights out I use the Dipbrow. I’ve found that both products work quite well together too, so I use the Brow Wiz to outline and fill in the shape I want, then the Dipbrow to define it. The Brow Wiz lasts me about 6 months, and I can see the Dipbrow lasting well over a year. I use Taupe in the Brow Wiz, and Blonde in the Dipbrow and find that both colours work perfectly.

Have you used either product before? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!