Go Bare Faced with Magnitone!

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Trying out new skincare is one of my favourite things to do, so when I got the chance to try out the new Magnitone BareFaced, I literally jumped with joy.

As much as I love looking after my skin, I know that I don’t cleanse and treat it nearly as well as I should. I’m all too familiar with breakouts on my chin, jawline and sometimes my forehead. I’ve tried loads of different products to clear myself of them, and while I do believe that they help, I think that a huge factor in having good, healthy skin is cleansing properly and correctly.

The Magnitone BareFaced brush deep-cleanses the skin through the vibrations of the brush head. It empties out your pores, tones the skin and evens the surface.

I was really excited to see how the BareFaced brush worked on my skin, but was wary of over-stimulating my pores and causing even more breakouts, so I began with using it once every two days. In the evening I take off all of my makeup as usual, then put two pumps of Cetaphil cleanser on the brush head and dampen it under the tap.

The brush has a built-in timer with beeps, which is so handy for someone like me who gets distracted easily and would end up only cleansing one part of my face. It stops after one minute and beeps every 20 seconds so you can cleanse your t-zone, cheeks/chin and neck. I love how it specifies time to cleanse your neck, as even though a lot of people put makeup right down their neck, it’s easy to forget to cleanse there.

There’s two settings on the brush – Daily Cleanse and PulseLift Toning. I use the Daily Cleanse, you guessed it, to cleanse my skin daily and the PulseLift Toning on my cheeks, jawline and forehead once a week. To cleanse, I use the brush very gently on my skin, just so it’s lightly touching the surface. Because this is a deep-cleaning brush you don’t need to be harsh – it does the work itself. I glide it over my skin in small circles, and after one minute you’re done.

My favourite thing about the Magnitone is that it can be used in the shower – how handy is that!? I use it after I put my conditioner in so that can sink in while I’m cleansing my face, now that’s saving time.

After using it I apply my serum and moisturiser as usual. After my first use my skin felt smoother and looked more radiant. I’m not going to lie, a few spots did rise to the surface, which is annoying, but it’s to be expected with such a deep cleanser. It’s basically bringing all of the dirt and gunk in your skin to the surface (lovely). But I don’t mind that, because I’d rather bring it all up and then have lovely clear skin. Saying that, it only brought up a couple of small spots, not huge lumps or anything like that.

Four weeks later, after using the Magnitone every two/three days my skin is softer, smoother, brighter and clearer. It wasn’t too bad to start with, but I genuinely do feel more confident going makeup-free now. Any redness or pigmentation in my skin is reduced, the blackheads around my nose are minimised, and my skin feels plump and smooth. Makeup applies easily in the morning, and I’m overall pretty happy with my skin!

The Magnitone BareFaced comes with a wireless travel USB charger (which is so handy!), a travel bag and a 12 month warranty. In the four weeks that I’ve been using this brush I’ve only had to charge it once! At £70 (less than €100), I think it’s a pretty good price to pay for what essentially is an at-home facial that has so many different benefits for your skin. Whether you’ve oily skin, dry skin, combination skin or spot-prone skin, everyone can benefit from using a deep cleanser like the Magnitone Bare Faced.

I’ll continue to use the brush once every two/three days or less/more depending on what I think my skin needs. I think that the thing with the Magnitone, and any deep cleanser, is that you need to stick with it and give your skin what it needs. Some people’s skin might benefit from using it every day, other’s might just need to use it once a week. The longer you use it the greater the effects you see. And don’t freak out if you get some breakouts like I did, it’s totally normal and they will clear up!

I hope you guys enjoyed this in-depth review of the Magnitone BareFaced. I was lucky enough to have the product sent out to me, but as usual my views, thoughts and comments are all 100% genuine and true! Please let me know if you’ve any questions or if there’s anything I left out!

You can buy the Magnitone BareFaced here. If you pick it up please let me know how you get on, I’d love to hear!


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    I really want to try one of these some time! Everyone seems to have good reviews 😀 You’ve a lovely blog!! It’s always great to find other Irish bloggers!!:) I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award!! You can read about it here on my blog – http://thetravelbibleblog.blogspot.ie/2015/09/liebster-award.html

    I can’t wait to see your answers and what blogs you adore 😀

    Sinéad | The Travel Bible Blog x

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      ah thank you so much Sinead! you’re so kind! x x