How to Get Rid of Makeup and Tan Stains


Being a beauty lover has it’s downsides. Constantly having makeup/tan-stained clothes is one of them, along with not being able to walk into Boots without buying something.

I recently bought a white lace, vintage-inspired top to wear to work. I was tanned and ready for the weekend, wore it to work feeling great, and came home to see tan stains on the inside of the top along the crease of my arms, on the neckline and under the arms. Crap.

Luckily, a while ago I was sent out some Vanish products to review. This was their time to shine. I ran the marked areas under the tap to wet them, then rubbed some of Vanish Gold for Whites directly onto the stained parts with the back of the cup that comes in the tub. I lightly rubbed the material together to make sure it got right into the fabric, and left them to soak for 20 minutes.

Next, I popped them in the wash with half a scoop of the powder in the washing machine drawer and crossed my fingers that the top came out clean. Upon inspection, the tan stains were totally gone. Phew. Even the stain from the pen I’d accidentally stabbed myself with earlier in the day had come out.

I wouldn’t like to admit how many sheets/tops/clothes that have been ruined because of makeup and fake tan stains. At least now I know that I can fix them with Vanish, and my fake-tan addiction doesn’t have to come to an end!