8 Things To Do When you Feel Overwhelmed By Blogging

blogging-tipsMaybe it’s just me (although I’m pretty sure it’s not), but lately I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed by blogging.

With so many amazing blogs on the internet, it’s hard not to compare your own site to someone else’s. While this is a great way to channel motivation to put more work into your blog, it’s also easy to feel quite deflated and overwhelmed by the incredible content out there.

I’ve been working on trying to get back to my feet when it comes to blogging and, being honest, I’m finding it quite hard. I either have so many ideas that I don’t know what to do with them, or I’ve no ideas at all.

I’m hopeful that I’m not the only one who feels this way, and thought that sharing eight things to do when you feel overwhelmed by blogging might help someone who is in a similar situation.

Here we go…

  1. Go back to basics // Think back to when you started your blog. Why did you start it? What did you want to write about? Were you doing it for enjoyment, or did you feel pressure to write about certain things? Chances are, when you started out you were doing your blog out of pure enjoyment, and that might have gotten lost along the way. Go back to the very beginning and remind yourself what you set out to do.
  2. Find your passion // If you’ve had your blog for a couple of years, your interests may have changed to those you had when you started out, meaning your blog might not reflect who you are anymore. Maybe you might have developed an interest in cooking or fitness over the past while, or maybe you’ve changed your style and overhauled your wardrobe. Whatever it is, it’s pretty much a fact that it’s easier to write about things you truly enjoy and what you’re truly passionate about. Sometimes the answer is staring you in the face.
  3. Look at what you enjoy reading // Have a look at what blogs, books, magazines and websites are your favourite to read, and think about why that is. Is it their style, the topic, the layout? Is there something you’ve looked up online and didn’t find any information on? If so, maybe you could fill that void by writing a post on it. The posts you enjoy reading are a very good indicator of where your true interest lies when it comes to blogging.blogging-tips
  4. Search for inspiration // Firstly, let me say that there’s a fine line between inspiration and straight out copying. Use inspiration to take your own twist on things and see how you could improve a post or article and make it yours. Don’t use it as a free for all to take any ideas you see on the internet. If you write something that was strongly inspired by someone’s work, be sure to mention it in the post. There’s no doubt the person who created it will be delighted to see their idea being credited and that someone enjoyed it so much they wanted to try it themselves. Take snippets from what you see and what you enjoy and merge them with your own ideas to make something you’re really proud of.
  5. Don’t follow the crowd (unless you want to) // It’s easy to feel like you have to follow a certain blogging norm in order to be successful, but that’s not true. Write your blog about what you’re interested in and make every inch of it yours. There’s enough room for everyone on the internet, and making something different is the best way to stand out from the crowd.
  6. Make a plan // Once you’ve began to find your way back to what it is that you want to do, make a plan to help it stick. It doesn’t have to be a strict plan, because that might make you feel even more overwhelmed. Try to set simple and achievable goals that you can work on little by little, and increase them as necessary.
  7. Forget about the stats // Statistics are just numbers and nothing else, don’t forget that. They don’t reflect how much work you put into your blog or how proud you are of it. Of course, it’s great when a post gets loads of views or a huge reaction, but it’s not the be all and end all. Focus on your content and the stats will follow.
  8. Don’t think about it // This is the tip that works best for me. If you’ve an idea, just go with it and start writing the post. Don’t overthink it, or think how many clicks it will get or if it’s a ‘good enough’ idea. If you like it, just write it and hit publish. I find that I talk myself out of so many ideas because I lose confidence in them, but now I’m just taking them as they come and putting them up. Also, if you find motivation to blog – DO IT. Don’t hold back! Grab your laptop and just start writing. That’s what I did with this post, and it feels good!

I could certainly do with following a few of these steps myself but, hey, I’m trying my best!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by blogging, and what you did to help it!

*You are the only one who can limit your greatness*