A Cocoa Brown Flawless Tan!


Ahead of the Cocoa Brown #PassionPersistencePink event on Sunday, which I’m so excited for, I thought I’d share my flawless tan routine with you guys. I genuinely remember seeing Cocoa Brown 1hr Tan advertised in magazines before it came out and I thought it was the best thing ever. A few years and maaany bottles later – I’m still in love! Plus, there’s a few new products added to my routine now too.

The day before I tan, I always do a full body exfoliation and cover myself in moisturiser. Most of the time I use whatever’s nearest, but Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff and Chocolate Whip are two of my favourites.

The night before I want to be tanned, I use Cocoa Brown 1hr Tan Mousse Dark on a tanning mitt and apply it all over my body. I go in a circular motion, covering area by area to make sure I don’t miss any patches. I then wait about five minutes and put another layer on top. The colour comes out straight away, but gets darker within an hour and overnight.

For my hands, neck, face and feet, I use Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze. This is a gradual tanner that keeps skin moisturised as well as tanned. It’s not as dark as the mousse, meaning it’s perfect for places you don’t want to be really tanned. I put a blob of this on the back on my hand and rub it in, and then do the same with the other hand. A trick my mam taught me is to bend my knuckles and rub them together and then run my fingers through each other to make sure there won’t be any patches. I pop a bit on my face and down my neck, as well as on my feet. These are places that are usually quite hard to tan right, so using a gradual tanner makes it easier.

I let the tan soak in overnight and then have a quick shower in the morning to wash off the residue. The result is a perfectly bronzed, flawless tan! What adds the finishing touch is Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs Spray. This is basically makeup for your body, covering and perfecting the skin. Before I do my makeup to go out, I spray this directly onto my legs, which are usually covered in bruises and cuts, and rub it in with a tanning mitt. This makes them look smooth and flawless. There’s a new formula out for this spray too, so the colour is even better than before!

This isn’t a sponsored post or anything like that, I just wanted to share with you guys how much I love Cocoa Brown products! They’re super affordable and work amazingly, even better than a lot of high-end tans I’ve tried. You can pick up Cocoa Brown in Penneys, in most pharmacies and online at cloud10beauty.com.  Stay tuned for more Cocoa Brown news, because I’ve a feeling that Sunday is going to bring some amazing new products!

Is anyone else heading to the #PassionPersistencePink event? I’d love to meet up!


  1. 24/09/2015 / 12:32 am

    I love Cocoa Brown! I haven’t heard of the lovely legs spray but I must get it because I have so many mysterious cuts and marks on my legs that I’d love to conceal. I was invited to the #PassionPersistencePink event too, but I don’t think I can make it, SO sad about that! Hopefully I’ll see what goes on from you and other bloggers going 😉 x

    Sinead | Dreaming Again

    • whatshedoesnow
      08/10/2015 / 12:30 pm

      definitely give Lovely Legs a go, I’m sure you’ll love it! Hopefully you can make it to the next event! 😀 xxx