Organisational Heaven – My Planner Collection!

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Okay so I’m totally aware that this post is very different to what I usually write but the truth is, I’m obsessed with stationary and I’m an organisational fiend. I’ve a penchant for notebooks, pens and anything that’s pretty, and am constantly writing down lists of things to do and any ideas I have.

I’m pretty much always on the go and my brain moves at 1000 miles an hour, so I constantly have to write things down to keep on top of things. Now I know that four notebooks is slightly excessive, but bare with me, there’s a perfectly valid reason behind each one, I swear.

A Beautiful Mess Academic Agenda  – I was raging last year when I missed out on the gorgeous A Beautiful Mess planners, so when I saw this one was available I pre-ordered it straight away. There’s an inspirational quote at the start of each month, which I love, and it comes with emoji stickers! What else could you want from a planner?! This is my “everything” notebook, so I write down my work hours, plans, events, blog posts, things I’ve to do and schedule the gym in here. This is like a collaboration of all of the other notebooks into one. It’s so handy to carry around and means I *hardly* ever forget anything. (I think the one I bought is sold out but there are others on the site.)

Moleskine Notebook – I bought this as my blog notebook back when WhatSheDoesNow was in the works, so I’ve all of my blog details, ideas and information in here. Moleskine notebooks are slightly more expensive, but they’re so iconic and there’s just something about them that I love. Pretty much everything blog related goes in here, whether it be planning a blog post, my weekly blog schedule or Instagram posts I want to put up. It’s really handy to keep all of my blog ideas in one notebook so I can look back on them and sometimes find posts I’d planned and didn’t write about. I should have cleaned this before I photographed it, but hey, it shows how much I use it. Notebook – How pretty is the colour of this notebook?! I love it! I got this in my goodie bag at the Dublin Fashion Festival launch party and have used it ever since as my goal notebook. That might sound a bit mad, but basically I write down all of the goals I want to achieve it here. Whether they be long-term, short-term, big or small, I think writing down your goals is so important. It makes you think about what you really want to do and I really believe that writing them down helps them become a reality! Also, if I’m ever stuck in a rut I always look back here and it reminds me the kind of person I want to be and what I want to achieve.

The Happiness Planner – The latest addition to my planner collection is The Happiness Planner. As soon as I saw these on Instagram, I had to order one right away. As you guys know, I’m all about positivity and happiness, so this is right up my street. I’m going to do a full post on this, but basically I use this everyday to plan the day ahead and reflect on it when it’s over. You can write down what you want to achieve monthly, weekly and daily, as well as loads of other things. The planner is for 100 days, and while I sometimes forget to write in it, 17 days in to using it I really did feel genuinely happier and calmer. As I said, I’ll have a full post up about this so stay tuned!

I hope this post was of some interest to you guys and doesn’t make me sound like the crazy notebook lady. But trust me, if I didn’t write these things down I’d even forget my own birthday! Do you use planners, or do you think I’m mad?!


  1. 21/09/2015 / 8:52 pm

    I’m a huge stationary junkie and these planners and notebook are amazing, especially the one from A Beautiful Mess and the Happiness Planner xx

    • whatshedoesnow
      23/09/2015 / 6:19 pm

      aren’t they gorgeous?! you can never have too many planners!! xx