7 Personal Goals I’ve Set Myself This Month

March already, who would believe it?

As I write this, there’s an actual blizzard outside and the entire population of Ireland has been warned to stay indoors until at least noon tomorrow. So much for spring, right?

Now that 2018 is well and truly underway, I’m trying to make sure that I stay on track with my goals and resolutions for this year.

Here’s a few things I hope to do this month (and for the rest of the year), aside from finishing Friends on Netflix, having plenty of brunch dates and updating my wardrobe for spring…

Be less hard on myself

Sometimes I can’t help but be hard on myself. I try really hard not to compare myself to other people, but I still find myself doing it from time to time.

I’d really love to give myself less of a hard time, and give myself a pat on the back more often. Realistically, I think we could all do with aiming towards this one!

Exercise and eat well

Before you roll your eyes, bear with me. My energy levels absolutely plummeted this month and it’s had a pretty big impact on my everyday life.

I eat relatively well, but I could definitely add more fruit and vegetables (and less jellies) to my diet. Being tired all the time means the last thing I ever want to do is go to the gym, but ultimately I know it will help me feel more energised. Here’s hoping I find a routine that works for me!

Keep posting twice a week

This is my third week since I started my new Monday and Thursday blogging schedule, and I intend to keep it up! I’ve so many ideas and things I want to write about and share, so one post per week just wasn’t enough any more.

If there are any particular pieces you’d like to see, let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear!

I’m also working really hard on my Instagram and am trying to grow my following (which is proving to be an impossible task), but I’m going to keep going at it anyway.

Read another book

I’m on track with my goal to read one book per month this year (I wrote about the books I’ve read so far here), and am really enjoying it. It’s a good excuse to put my phone and laptop away, and there’s no better feeling than finishing a really good book.

Next on my list is The Missing Wife by Sheila O’Flanagan.

Save and spend wisely

*Snore* I’m going on a big holiday to the States with my boyfriend in August, and nothing has ever motivated me more to save and stop spending money on things I don’t need.

Don’t get me wrong, I still buy the occasional thing I don’t need (damn you, ASOS), but I’m much better than I used to be.

Spend less time on my laptop and phone

I downloaded the Moment app earlier this month, which tracks how much time you spend on your phone per day. Let me tell you, I got quite the shock when I realised the amount of time I spend on my phone in 24 hours.

I use my phone a lot for work, and I don’t mind that, but I want to cut back the time I spend wasting on it just for the sake of something to do. The same applies to my laptop, although having all 10 series of Friends on Netlflix is to blame for that.

Adopt a more positive mindset

While I’m all about quotes and positivity, I sometimes find it hard to be a positive person myself. Lately I’ve found myself slipping into a negative mindset, whereas I never would have done that before.

I think it all comes down to habit and catching yourself when you start being negative so you can stop early. I’ve gotten better at this over the last few weeks, and find that I can change my attitude to something pretty quickly when I put my mind to it.

As for February, some of my highlights of the month were going to Edinburgh (I’ll have a full travel post up soon, promise!), going to Munich for work, buying a new handbag and walking along the beach without freezing my toes off.

Here’s to hoping that March is a great month! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram here if you don’t already!

Jumpers from H&M, mug from Primark (years ago)


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